Outlet Clothing Haul

I love a bargain! Whether it’s a sale, a discount sale or an outlet I find myself hopelessly looking through clothes and beauty egar to snatch up a few great buys! So when I got the chance to do a bit of shopping at Portsmouth outlet centre (along with a couple of other places) I couldn’t say no.

I first shop that I went into, of course, was Doc Martins and I thought I had done well not buying anything… but of course I had fallen in love with a pair of shoes without realising and couldn’t get them out of my mind for the rest of the day… resulting in me taking a trip back into the shop and buying them. I have always wanted a pair of burgundy Doc Martin shoes but have never wanted to fork out for a pair, so yep these half price ones were perfect for what I wanted and it was a bargain that I couldn’t pass up on!

To go with my new docs, I found the perfect pair of trousers! I had been looking for some new work trousers for winter and with these matching my new shoes perfectly, they were a must.But I do have to give the boyfriend some credit for finding these ones.

The next couple of things that I got my hands on were a couple of shirts from H&M. The outlet store had so many great reduced items, along with also having a 3 for 2 deal. My boyfriend grabbed himself a t-shirt while I couldn’t resist a couple of shirts. If you know me then you know that I love a good shirt. No matter what type, its such a go to look for me for both causal and smart options. The two I picked up this time were a mix of both styles. One a super soft material, with a dainty bird print across it and the other, a mens, flannel shirt, which I had fallen in love with the colour of it. Defiantly both two great additions to my wardrobe.


Finally I got myself a couple of beauty bits. The first was an eyebrow felt tip from Kiko, perfect for creating an everyday brow and a perfect colour. I then went into body shop where they had a great deal so was able to pick up my favourite grapefruit shower gel, along with this stunning earthy toned eyeshadow pallet. Finally I grabbed this little bowl from Tiger. I have to admit this wasn’t reduced but thought it was super cute and would be the perfect addition to my bedside table for all my hair bands and grips that get scattered about.


I hope this inspired some of my fellow shopaholic’s out there! Let me know of any recent buys you guys have picked up!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Yours Truly Emma x
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Barcelona 2018

‘Every time you have to go
Shut my eyes and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona’

George Ezra

I am in love with a city… a beautiful, diverse city that offers everything you could want. Museums, parks, shopping, buildings, parks and of course, the beach! Last month I got an amazing opportunity to take a trip to Barcelona with uni for just £100! It was a chance that I couldn’t turn down and I’m pleased I grabbed the oppurtunity while I could. We flew out of Liverpool on the Monday, arriving into Barcalona later on that evening, where we were quickly taken over to the hotel and wow what a hotel it was. It was a relatively small hotel but on the door step to the metro and a roof top swimming pool we couldn’t have asked for more! After a quick explore on the monday night, we soon headed off to bed, ready for the next few days ahead.

Tuesday was defiantly our main day of sightseeing. Uni had booked us into park Guell in the afternoon, so we decided that we would take ourselves off for the morning to do our own thing around the city. We wandered through the arc de triumph and surrounding parks, before stopping at the food market for some lunch. It was a boiling hot day, but I couldn’t be happier. Soon it was time to head up towards park Guell and within moments of entering the park and admiring the view, my breath was taken away. At that moment, looking over Barcelona in the sun, I knew that I would love this city in many ways. Of course while we were in the park we snapped some great shots, it was the perfect setting after all! Later that evening after dinner we headed down to the beach with a group and just sat with a couple of cocktails on the sand enjoying the warm evening. It was a great ending to a great day.


Wednesday was another filled day with a trip to Casa Mila, followed by a tour around camp nou, the football stadium. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the stadium tour but I have to say, I did! Once we had met up with the guys we had become friends with there, the whole thing became more of a laugh, partly because they knew more about it and secondly watching how excited they were getting was entertainment enough! After a long day we decided that in the evening we wanted to go out and experience Barcelona’s night life. We started on the beach with our drinks before walking along the sea front towards the clubs. I will say now that I’m not that big into clubbing, especially when I’m in another country, with people I don’t know that well; but I’m glad I went. I ended up having a good laugh with everyone and a good dance too! We were all shattered by the time we got back at about 5 the next morning and fell asleep straight away!


Thursday had a slow start… none of us got up until around midday all a bit tired and grumpy. I had been the sensible one the night before and had limited the drinks that I had, meaning I wasn’t hung over in the morning and was able to go back out in the city. I left the group, al half asleep by the pool, and ventured off into Barcelona alone. This was a big thing for me to do. A few years ago and I was nervous going into my local town alone, but I slowly began to go places by myself, even taking the odd trip to London. So to now be at the stage where I felt comfortable enough to go into a city in another country feels amazing and I even loved every second of it. I ventured along the sea front and the harbour before going around and exploring the gothic quarter, defiantly my favourite place to be. Again it was another great day! When I eventually got back to the hotel, everyone was exactly where I had left them earlier that day so I joined then sunbathing for a bit before we all headed to our rooms for showers and to get ready for the evening ahead. We had heard of a place called the bunkers, a locals hangout, but with a stunning view of the sunset and decided to head there for the evening. It was an adventure before we even got up there, getting a bt lost on the metro and then having to get the oldest smallest bus up the incredibly steep hill! But when we made it there in one piece, the view was to die for! Rays on the orange sun light streamed through the clouds, casing a warmth over us as we watched the sun sink lower and lower into the mountains. It was an unmissabe moment.



We headed to the beach once again after this, to enjoy our last night together in Barcelona. We didn’t plan on staying too long, but soon minutes had become hours and we were walking back as the sun was rising! The tiredness began to hit us on the way walking back to the hotel, leaving us dragging our feet as our walking became slower and slower. I’m not sure if I’m ashamed to say or if looking back it was a bit of a laugh, but we reach the hotel at 7am that morning and what did we do… we went straight to breakfast! It was friday morning by this time, our last day and check out day, at 11am sharp… so yes as you’ve guessed we didn’t get any sleep that night, apart from the 45 minute nap we managed to squeeze in just before check out! I was defiantly an eventful evening/morning, but the tiredness was worth the memories that I had made.

We spent the rest of Friday being lazy, setting up on the beach and enjoying the weather, while napping on and off! I even took the plunge at one point and swam as far out in the sea as I dared! By 2pm we were starving and headed for our final meal in true Spanish style, paella! Finally we ended our trip with a visit to Gaudi’s Cathedral and stood inside with the colourful light pouring through the stain glass windows, I made a promise to myself that one day I would come back to this beautiful city.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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What I Eat in a Day – July

Its been a long time coming, but here it is… finally another What I Eat in a Day posts. My other posts have been so popular in the past that I thought I’d share with you a new one of what I ate on one of the summer days in July.

I never used to be a breakfast person and I used to find it hard to stomach first thing; but recently I have been getting up earlier, having a morning cup of tea and then waiting until a bit later to have breakfast. One tea that I have been loving recently is this one from Heath Heather, their Bright & Fruity Morning time one, which gives you an uplifting start to the day. On this particular day, I was planning on going off to the gym to decided to make myself some poached eggs on seeded bread for breakfast to give me a bit of a protein boost for the day.


When its hot, like it has been in England for the last month, I like to have a light salad for lunch, so that nothing lays to heavy. This salad is so quick and easy to make that I have been eating it a lot recently! The base is chick peas, mixed in with raw carrot, tomatoes, red pepper, spring onions (one of my favs!), and finally some basil and sesame seeds. So yummy!


Finally we have dinner for the day! I wanted to batch cook on this particular day, so I created a large meal and split it up to freeze some and then eat some. This meal is chicken based, with sun-dried tomatoes, mixed peppers, seasoning and a lot of spinach. Once tis was cooked in the pan, I made some spaghetti and added a portion of the chicken and veg it and I was good to go! This was my first time making this recipe and I have to say I loved it, it was rich in flavour and had a really juicy texture. It was a great meal for the busy day that I had had!


I want to keep trying out new recipes, so let me know any suggestions you have below!

What are your favourite meals to have in the summer?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Clear Out my Make Up with me

My name is Emma and I’m a make up hoarder… but then again aren’t we all? Or a lot of us at least!

But as I’m about to move into a next chapter of my life, I have been working my way around my flat having a clear out and I couldn’t not give my make up collection a bit of tlc. I keep all my make up either in my acrylic container on top of my chest if draws or in my top draw, organised (to an extent!) in a cutlery organiser.
I started off by emptying everything into the floor and then plonking myself down to work my way through what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. I got rid of bits that I haven’t used in years or that we’re in a bit of a state.


Of course having a clear out of my make up means a lot of swatching and my arm was cover and wiped multiple times! It made me really realise how many gorgeous eye shadow shades that I didn’t use enough, but also the reality that I have a multiple lipsticks of the same shade. Whoops!


Finally I had my two piles of stuff sorted and I was surprised that I have been able to push myself to really get rid of the stuff that I really needed to do. With the pile of make up to keep, I gave it all a good clean and organised it into piles of different types. Although I still probably have more make up than what a single person needs, but I’m happy with the amount that now I have. I have given myself a couple of options for different things, without going over the top.



Finally after getting everything sorted out and cleaned up, I was able to put it all away. I put my every day make up into the acrylic draws, along with a few bits that I want to try out again and use more, and then the rest want into my storage draw. I’m super happy with the end result and am beginning to really enjoy doing my make up again. It’s so important to have these sorts of clear outs in your life and to take a step back and see what you do and don’t need. It can be something small like make up or bigger and deeper, like relationships. But either way, have a look into your life, take a step back and see what you need to re organise and make a change with.

Yours Truly,

Emma x


Health Food Haul

Healthy eating has been a must for me recently. As part of my current period try to detox myself and get out of the rut that I have been stuck in, I have decided to add a few new bits and pieces into my diet to help give me that super food boost! At the spa last month I have an amazingly delicious salad, with feta and celery, topped with pine nuts. I’d never tried them before but something about then just really made the salad. So I was egar to buy some to experiment with putting in my own salads. I also got myself a couple of different types of seeds, including sunflower and sesame, again to add into salads and also on top of cereal to just give it that extra health benefit.


I am such a tea and coffee lover, but I am always so awear that it’s not always the best thing for you to drink, especially in the morning and at night; so I decided to explore other alternatives. I looked at a couple of different options of herbal tea and brought a few to try out. The first I grabbed was a bright and fruity morning tea with natural caffeine in it. I have to say after trying it the first time, I wasn’t too keen, but I have been making myself have one every so often and I am beginning to grow on the taste. Next for during the day I got green detox tea, this is something that I have always been a bit reluctant to try because I have never liked the smell, but I have to say that I have been enjoying it! Finally and my favourite out of all the ones that I brought was the nighttime tea. Theres something about it, it may just be physiological because of the name, but either way, it really helps me wind down before bed. The smell is calming, the taste is just a hint but really yummy and being able to have a warm drink that isn’t filling or containing caffine, really helps with settling the stomach. It’s definitly a tea that I would recommend to anyone who struggles with their nighttime routine, as i do.


Last of all for drink wise, I picked up a lemon and lime. This is something that i used to do before and want to get back into the habit of doing, lemon and lime water. It has so many health benefits to drinking it and in a morning its the perfect drink. Researchers say that you shouldn’t have a caffeine drink as your first drink in a morning, as many of us, including myself, do. Water is the best thing to drink. But like many of you will agree, water isn’t the first thing you really want to reach for, so by doing this it really adds something to make the thought more appetising. Finally I picked up a little treat for myself. Something yummy but also healthy, dark chocolate coated rice cakes. This is a treat I have loved for yeas now and when I eat healthily, its one I can eat and not feel guilty afterwards. Defiantly worth trying out if you havent yet! And this is coming from someone who can;’t stand rice cakes on their own!

I would love to hear any health food suggestions from you all! So please leave a comment below.

Yours Truly,

Emma x


Spa Detox

When the opportunity arose to take a trip to the spa a couple of weeks ago, I could not turn it down! It was just what I needed to relax and having the chance to go with my best friend made it even better.

On the Tuesday morning we set off to Champneys Spa in Tring, full of excitement and energy for the couple of days that we were there. When we arrived, we had come through the front entrance and got to experience the long drive down through the grounds, being parking the car up and doing the short walk to the reception. The staff were so lovely to us when we got there as neither us really knew where we were going! We were shown to our room and given a welcome drink. But it was quite the Champaign we had dreamt about, but instead a ‘lovely’ turmeric drink… I’m not going to even pretend that I enjoyed it… it was gross! After that was gone and out the way, the really fun began. We sorted out bit in our room, put on our bikinis, robes and flip-flops and headed down to the swimming pool! After about 5 minutes of being in the pool we noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people just sat round the edge, like they were waiting for something… and yes we were right they were! Out of no where an instructor appeared and announced that a water fitness class was about to begin. Me and my friend looked at each other in horror and straight away debated doing a runner, but we were stuck. Out robes and flip flops were underneath the bench that instructor was using… there was no escaping for us! I can’t lie though, once we had got over laughing at every excercise and hiding at the back, we had a great time! Even deciding to go again the following day. Who knows maybe water zumba could become my new things!

I tried to take as many photos as possible while we were there, but with it being a health and wellbeing spa, they were strict on the use of phones and only managed to sneak a few when we had areas to ourselves. We spent the rest of Tuesday going in the hot tub and sauna, before getting dress and going down for a VERY healthy dinner. I’m not complaining, the food was delicious but a chocolate pudding at the end would have topped it off, instead I had fruit.

Day two we had our treatments booked in, mine a body message and my friends a facial. After breakfast and a quick trip to the gym, we headed down to the treatment area where we met more super lovely staff ready to give us our treatments. I have never had a professional massage before but after this experience I cannot wait untill I get the chance for another. I had been nervous going in, worried about feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Worried about having to lay their half-naked, but as soon as the music went on and the massage began, I didn’t want it to end! So if any of you ever get the chance for one, take it!

We didn’t feel like doing too much after our treatments and had a while until lunch, so headed into one of the quiet relaxation rooms where we laid down on the water beds and before we knew it was had dozed off for an hour or so! Too comfy not to! We woke up just in time for our lunch booking, which we followed up by another water fitness class and then sadly it was time to leave.

I had an amazing two days spent at Champneys Spa and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness spa break. They run so many different fitness sessions and classes, both studio and also outside in the grounds. If we had been there longer we also had the option to go cycling around the grounds and things such as horse riding can also be planned!

Have any of you been to a spa before? Let me know what you think about spa trip below!

Your Truly,

Emma x

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I Owe You an Explanation

Hey all my lovelies out there! I know I’ve been off my blogging game for a while now, which is why I thought that I would start off with an explanation to where I have been. If you saw my last post, about a month ago now, you would have been given a taster of what I have been doing for part of my uni coursework. I can tell you one thing for certain… it has pushed my working ability to the limits and beyond! But what I can also tell you, although quite a few ups and downs, I have enjoyed doing the work so much. To give you a bit more of an insight, each week since January, I have been given a new brief, with the deadline in either 5 or 7 days from that date. The briefs have varied and I have worked my way through a whole range of projects, including SunSpell, festival wear, jewelry, print and even journalism. With each different project came a different challenge, and even though it was a tough ride, I reached the end of each project, with an outcome that I was happy to present. I have already shown you one project where I was an award winner and will shortly share another with you soon, of which I was also an award winner! I would love to know if you enjoy seeing my work, so let me know if you would like more posts like that.

It hasn’t been all work though. I recently hit a bit of a rut. My work got handed in about two weeks ago now and from that point I crashed. Although like I said, I had enjoyed the work, the pressure of it all finally got to me and once I no longer had my work to keep my mind busy, I realised that my mental health had been neglected and I had been ignoring everything my body had been trying to tell me. I’m going to try to get a few blog posts out in the new few weeks going into more detail about mental health and self-care and how I’ve spent the last couple of week on the mend. This isn’t something I like to shout about in my life, it’s more something that I address when I am alone, in the comfort of my own space and can put my full focus on myself. Saying that, I have spent quite a bit of time watching inspiration YouTube videos on self-love and I find them to be a huge help, so I thought by spreading my ways of picking myself back up and having a health and lifestyle boost, could maybe help some of you out there.

It’s so important to take the time out of your busy life and give yourself time to recover, listening to what your body needs. This may just be an early night, a long hot bath or a bit of fresh air. But it could also be a bit more than that; such as, a wardrobe declutter, a new morning routine or even a change of diet. So like I said above, I want to share with you all a few things that I have been doing along those line and hopefully can help a few of you out in the process! Keep a look out for those post coming soon!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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