I Owe You an Explanation

Hey all my lovelies out there! I know I’ve been off my blogging game for a while now, which is why I thought that I would start off with an explanation to where I have been. If you saw my last post, about a month ago now, you would have been given a taster of what I have been doing for part of my uni coursework. I can tell you one thing for certain… it has pushed my working ability to the limits and beyond! But what I can also tell you, although quite a few ups and downs, I have enjoyed doing the work so much. To give you a bit more of an insight, each week since January, I have been given a new brief, with the deadline in either 5 or 7 days from that date. The briefs have varied and I have worked my way through a whole range of projects, including SunSpell, festival wear, jewelry, print and even journalism. With each different project came a different challenge, and even though it was a tough ride, I reached the end of each project, with an outcome that I was happy to present. I have already shown you one project where I was an award winner and will shortly share another with you soon, of which I was also an award winner! I would love to know if you enjoy seeing my work, so let me know if you would like more posts like that.

It hasn’t been all work though. I recently hit a bit of a rut. My work got handed in about two weeks ago now and from that point I crashed. Although like I said, I had enjoyed the work, the pressure of it all finally got to me and once I no longer had my work to keep my mind busy, I realised that my mental health had been neglected and I had been ignoring everything my body had been trying to tell me. I’m going to try to get a few blog posts out in the new few weeks going into more detail about mental health and self-care and how I’ve spent the last couple of week on the mend. This isn’t something I like to shout about in my life, it’s more something that I address when I am alone, in the comfort of my own space and can put my full focus on myself. Saying that, I have spent quite a bit of time watching inspiration YouTube videos on self-love and I find them to be a huge help, so I thought by spreading my ways of picking myself back up and having a health and lifestyle boost, could maybe help some of you out there.

It’s so important to take the time out of your busy life and give yourself time to recover, listening to what your body needs. This may just be an early night, a long hot bath or a bit of fresh air. But it could also be a bit more than that; such as, a wardrobe declutter, a new morning routine or even a change of diet. So like I said above, I want to share with you all a few things that I have been doing along those line and hopefully can help a few of you out in the process! Keep a look out for those post coming soon!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

IMG_1540 2


Sunspel Project Work

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to take part in an amazing brief at uni. Design, pattern cutting, creation and all from an industry expert!

As many of you may know I am currently a second year university student studying fashion, which is also why my blog has been lacking content the last few months. Part of this semesters module was to complete a different live industry brief each week and it has definitely done a good job of keeping me busy! I’ve done all sorts of briefs in the last few months, from jewellery, to sportswear to colour theory, but my SunSpel project has to the one I am most proud of. For those who may not have heard of the brand, they are a UK based brand who design and make everything from the English home city, Nottingham. The began as menswear before branching out into women’s and are know for their loungewear, especially their signature t-shirts. Their polo shirts are even worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond films!

Our uni was lucky enough to get in contact with the head designer over at SunSpel who came into our Monday morning lecture to release a brief for us! After giving us a talk through the week project we were then lucky enough to take part in a hands on workshop, talking through our initial ideas with the designer himself. To give a quick summery of the brief we had to do a zero waste project. We had three different routes we could go down; zero waste pattern cutting, reducing the waste of a current SunSpel pattern or use of fabric scraps. I decided to go down the route of creating something for SunSpel and reducing the waste left over from making a t-shirt. Using the scraps of fabric I created a ball of fabric yarn which I used to make a weaving detail down the sides. The following Monday I had to present the design and here out my final outcomes.

Sun Spel_Page_1Sun Spel_Page_2Sun Spel_Page_3

A couple of days after our presentations we heard back the news that the designer had decided to choose a winner for the brief. I opened up the email to see me name at the top with the award ‘most innovative project’ and I couldn’t be more over the moon!

I wanted to share this all with you to show how putting in the effort really pays off. I always find I’m the one who try’s and try’s and works my socks off only to miss out on the top awards, but I never give up and now here I am! I have an amazing award given directly from an industry expert, something that will help me forward in my career. So remember to never give up.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Get Ready With Me – Date Night

I love getting ready for a night out! I don’t know about you but I always end up looking forward to getting ready more than I do going out!  Although that aside the night I went out this time I had a really really great time!

I thought I would share with you all my getting ready ‘routine’ if you can call it that and show you the look I was going for the products I was used. I began by doing a quick skin care routine to prep my face ready for a night of wearing heavy make up. I began by spraying my favourite Lush toner all over and after leaving it to dry for a couple a minutes , before following it up with my Loreal day time moisturizer and a burts bees eye cream. I always like to wait about 5-10 minutes after my skin care to allow it to settle down into my skin. before following it up with a primer. The one of choice for the night being my Revlon photo ready primer.


My second step meant moving onto doing the base of my make up. I used my favourite YSL foundation. One I tend to only reach for when I’m heading off to events of nights out. I decided I wanted to try and create a dewy look so mixed a little bit of the Tanya Burr face illuminator into the foundation to give me more of a glow. I followed it up by concealing and brightening my under eyes, then setting my face all over with a transparent power. I like to add quite defined contour to my check bones for nights out so I took NYX bronzer (which is actully sold as a blusher in the shade taupe) and applied that. I never used to be a blusher girl but recently cream blushers have been my new addiction so using a beauty blender I applied a kiko blusher to my checks (Less is better 01) followed by my Two Faced love light highlighter.


Next step was brows, a simple routine I keep the same no matter the occasion. My benefit Goof Proof Brow pencil in 02 followed by natural collection clear mascara to set them into place. One that was done I followed on to my eyes, the first step being priming. I Only tend to use an eye primer on nights out and when I do I use the original Urban Decay primer potion. But what I do on a day to day basis is use one of the amazing Maybeline 24 hour colour tattoos. I have quite a few of these in my collection and when I want a neutral base Creme de rose is perfect!


Eyes primed and ready to go, I then move onto the fun part, creating my eyeshadow look. I have been loving this Revolution flawless 3 pallet, which is said to be the dupe of the Anastasia Modern renaissance pallet. I wanted to create a cut crease pink look, so used the shades in this pallete and also the pink from the Primark Vintage pallete to create this look. After I was happy with it I added my Make up forever star lit power to the centre to finish off the look. Finally I added winged liner, mascara and then lined my water lines.


The last step to my make up routine was lips. Even if I get ready for a while before leaving to go out, I will wait until the last-minute to add my lip products. For this look I went in with a Primark lip pencil, followed by Mac Viva Galm V. My first Mac Lipstick and my current favourite!


So that’s the finished make up look for you all! Like I said I love getting ready for evenings out and have so much fun pulling a look together. As you can tell there was a pink theme going on for this date night, and I have even painted my nails to match and not forgetting the pink that I had put in my hair a few days before! What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below and I would love to hear when your favourite date night products are.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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P.S I hope to be posting an update on what I have been up to lately, as I have been very absent from blogging with my busy schedule.



I don’t get the chance to travel very often but when I do, I seize the opportunity and the memories I make are amazing. This Christmas I was able to take a holiday to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and it was one of the best experiences travelling that I have ever had. This was my first oppurtunity to take a trip away without my family or uni. Instead it was just me and my boyfriend, doing our thing, our way. It was only a short trip, 4 days in total, but with filled the days with sightseeing, museum visits and just taking the life surrounding us. As always, I took my camera with me along the way to help capture my time away.

Amsterdam is somewhere that I have always wanted to go to and I was not disappointed. The streets were cute and unique, a maze of canals leading us around. The museums lived up to a high standard with so much to see and the local boat tour we went on was great fun and a chance to see the winter light display. We couldn’t take a trip to Amsterdam without venturing into the red light district either and I have to say that was an experience in itself, but as intriguing as it was to see how something like that is part of the locals everyday life, I was happy when we got back to the hotel that evening! For those who don’t know about the red light district, I’m gonna say to look it up rather than me to try to explain it in a blog appropriate way!

I love sharing my travelling photos with you all, so that’s whats I am doing today! I hope you enjoy looking through them and I would love to hear where your favourite holiday destinations are? It might give me some inspiration for my next trip!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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A Belated New Years

Hey all you lovely people!

Sorry that I have been a bit off the ball for a little while now, but with having a tonne of coursework over the Christmas holidays, it’s been hard to keep track of everything else. But I’m here and I’m back to start getting some more blogs up for you all!

I feel like this new years went past in a bit of a blur and I spent my night, sat in my room, youtube on in the background busy working away on my coursework! My deadline for the module was the 8th of January, so I am going to say that my new years has started a week later than everyone elses. I worked away up to the evening before my deadline and then just crashed in bed until it was time to lug the 4 sketchbooks and portfolio over to uni for hand in and once it was done I couldn’t be happier. Now for the last few days I have begun to sort my self out properly. I have had catch ups with friends, properly unpack after coming back to uni from Christmas and have made a start of having a good sort out off all my stuff in the flat. I decided that with it being a new year I would experiment a bit with my content and have filmed a time-lapse of my make up organisation, is this something that you guys would like to see?

If you saw last years post, I try now to steer away from new year resolutions and instead set my self some goals, which I will share a few of with you now. The first one is to take risks with my career. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now you may know that I am study fashion at uni and as part of my course we have the option to add an extra placement year into our degree, with the opportunity to go abroad. I’m not going to give too much away as nothing is set in stone just yet, but I can tell you now that I have some exciting things coming up for September, but need to put myself out there and take a few more risks to confirm the oppurtunity.

I have also set myself a health goal. I have been really good with eating and going to the gym the past couple of years, but one thing I have neglected is drinking water. I want to aim to drink more water this year and for it to get to the end of the year and not even notice how much water  I am making myself drink.

Finally the last goal I will share with you is that I want to declutter my life. Living away from home, and having a fairly big living space at uni, I have accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ over the past year or so, so much that when I took a load of it home over Christmas, my home bedroom felt claustrophobic with all the stuff in it. I want to try to clear out anything that I don’t need as well as not buy anything unless I do really need it.

I hope that you have all had a great new year and I hope that I can get back to posting every Wednesday for you all. I’m having a bit of a mind block with blog post ideas, so let me know what you want to see in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Collective Beauty Haul

Guys it’s christmas eve!!! I can’t believe how fast the time has come around! As I haven’t been able to get a post up for a couple of weeks, I thought that I would make the time to write one for you today! Sadly it’s not a festive post, but I hope that you still enjoy!

As a uni student getting more and more broke, I can’t go out and treat myself to new beauty and make up bits as much as I would like to, meaning a lack of hauls for you all. So I decided that over the last couple of months I would keep everything that I have brought together and put it together as one collective haul. I will start off with a couple of beauty items. I have never really used a high quality eye cream, occasionally I would reach for my simple eye gel, but after having that for about 3 years and not yet finishing it, I thought it was probably not doing me a lot of good. As its been getting colder and colder, I have found that my undereye area has been drying out so I finally treated myself to a good eye cream. I decided to go for the burts bees intense hydration eye cream and have to say I’m impressed. It’s an odorless cream and leaves my eyes feel fresh and soft. The next skin care product I brought is another new one that I have not tried before, the Pixi Glow Tonic. This is something I have always wanted to try and after seeing it come into the sale on Black Friday, I had to pick it up. I have only used it a couple of times so far, but I am enjoying it. It had a refreshing smell and leaves me feeling nice and awake in the morning.


Next up I couldn’t resist this lip kit that I spotted in Primark. It’s a stunning pink metallic shade, and comes with both a liner and liquid lipstick. Unfortunately, the lip liner is quite a lot paler that the lipstick, so it doesn’t really show up on my lips, however the lipstick itself comes out a beautiful metallic shade. It has good pigment and lasts a long time, te only downside being that t really dries your lips out, but you can’t expect everything from primark.


Following on from that I have two eye make up items. The first is the make up forever starlit powder, in the shade 15 (I think). This was something else I had been wanting for a long time and had managed to pick up when it was in the sale! I don’t think the swatch of it that I did of the powder does it justice at all, but it is the most stunning colour ever. It’s a shimmery rose pink and can be used as eyeshadow as well as a highlighter! I have use it a couple of times now when doing a cut crease look and it has worked amazingly!


The next eye product, I have had a while now, but as I have yet to mention it on my blog, I felt the need to express my love. This make up revolution pallets has been my go to for about 3 months now and I can see I will be using it for many months more. This Flawless Resurrection palette is said to be a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills, modern Renaissance pallette. I don’t own that pallette myself but I have tried it from friends and I can agree this is a very good dupe. For an affordable high street alternative, the colours are really pigmented, especially the mattes and the range of colours means you can create so many different eye looks. I just can’t express enough how much I am enjoying this pallette.


If you guys know me, you will know I love a good highlighter. With my favourite being my chameleon topshop one. So when I unwrapped a new topshops highlight from my best friend on my birthday, I was super excited! The shade sunbeam is a pretty golden shade, a colour I had yet to add to my collection. The other highlighter that I got recently is a primark one in a pink shade. It swatched really nicely in the shop but after using it, it doesn’t seem to show up as much on the cheeks, which is a shame.


I grabbed this bargain when I was in TKmax doing some christmas shopping. It was reduced down to only £10, a complete bargin! I was looking for a new bronzer that I coud dust over my face to give me a warm look and I am more than happy with the results of this one. It isn’t too pigmented so I can be messy with the application and is a warm toned brown making my skin looked sun-kissed. I would definitely recommend this product.


Finally I got myself a new setting spray. Previously I have always used the Urban Decay, all nighter spray, but wanted to get a more affordable one that I could use on a day-to-day basis. It feels a bit more chemically when I first spary it, but once it has settled, I can see that I does keep my make up in place throughout the day.


So that’s all from this collective haul and I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have picked up over the last couple of months. What new products have you brought recently? Let me know below!

Hope you all have a good christmas!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

Winter Lifestyle Essentials

With nights long, dark and cold, winter can feel lonely and miserable! To help myself get through the winter I like to always make sure that I have a few of my essentials around me at all times!

1. A good book!

Anyone else love snuggling up on the sofa with a good book getting lost in a world of their own? I definitely do, I always find it a great way to end a busy day and gives me a break from my everyday life.

2. Fluffy Blank

What goes hand in hand with sitting on the sofa with a good book… a big fluffy blanket! I have been loving this teddy bear blanket from Pirmark. It really helps me get warm and comfortable in the evenings

3. Candle

And something else that fits hand in hand with the first two, a scented candle. Whether you love the atmosphere that they create or the smell, they are perfect to get you into a cosy winter mood.winter essentials-3

4. Hot Chocolate and snacks

Yum! I love a good warming hot chocolate! It makes a great no caffeine alternative to tea or coffee in an evening and is perfect to warm your whole body through! And treat yourself to a little bit extra with, marshmallows, cream and your favourite biscuits!

winter essentials-2winter essentials

5. Beanies and Scarfs

Want to keep warm and still cute? Then invest in a few new cute hats and scarfs this winter! I love coordinating my accessories with my outfits and this is a great way to do this!

winter essentials-6

6. Fluffy Socks

last but never least, I love to wear a good pair of fluffy socks! Whether just around the flat or hidden inside my boots, these are the best way to keep you that little bit warmer!

winter essentials-4

What are your winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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winter essentials-5