Trying out Vo5 Products

When it comes to my hair I either love it or hate it! Sometimes I will wake up and enjoy styling it and then it will stay styled for the following 3/4 days before I was it and the process starts over. Other times I wake up and hate it! I want nothing more than to either wish it was long again or just wish that I didn’t have any hair to bother with. So with this being the case I am always on the look out for new products that will make the good hair days a more regular occurence. I was in need of a new heat protector and after a trip to boots and finding a 3 for 2 offer on Vo5, I decided to give some of their products a go.

The first producted that I picked up was a texture salt spray. I had never tired one of these before and wanted to see if it would help my hair go into natural curls without having to use heat on it. After playing around with it, I have found that it does work to an extent but I have to leave my hair down to sleep rather than tying it up, the option I’d normally take. It unfortunately doesn’t work as well as I had hoped, but it does help that little bit. I am yet to try it on dry hair tho, so let me know if you have tried salt spray on dry hair and if it works!


Next I grabbed a volume moose. I have use tresemes version of this before when my hair was a lot longer and it helped the curls stay in better when using a curling wand, as well as giving me lift at the roots. Sadly tho, this product didn’t work for me. Whether it’s because I am using it on my shorter hair and am not yet used to it or that it just doesn’t work as well, I don’t know, so I am going to keep trying it and see what I can do.


Finally I got what I went in for, the heat protect spray. Out of the three products I can happily say that this is my favourite. It has helped keep my hair healthy since having it chopped, even when I am using a lot of heat on it. Heat being something that really affects my hair. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when I run out.


Although I was a bit hit and miss with the products, I will give them this… they all smell divine! There are some great smelling hair products out there but these have to be the best I have come across. They leave my hair smelling fresh and fruity for days. Giving it a real salon smell.

What are your go to hair products?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

I want to write a quick apology for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. If you want to know why I have been slacking on my blog then keep an eye out for my October/November update that I will hopefully be posting on the 26th. This should give you more of an insight to what I have been up to outside of my blog. In the mean time, give my instagram a follow to keep more up to date with me everyday. I try to post daily outfit pictures and will be updating my story with what I am up to! @yourstrulyemmax

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Favourite App – Vinted

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d do a slightly different post for you all today and share with you an app that I have been loving recently. I used to use this quite a lot and then after getting a new phone, forgot about it! But after having a clear out of a lot of my clothes, I have rediscovered it and am loving it.

So let me tell you all what the app is about! It’s designed for selling and buying seconds hand, clothes, shoes and accessories. You can create an account and once verified you can begin posting your old clothes to sell. The app helps you to categorise each item and gives you postage options too. Once you have shared you’re item it is available for others to buy and the best thing about it… there’s no seller charge! Along with selling your items you can also buy new pieces to add to your wardrobe, with a search bar and filtering options to make it easy to find what you want!

I love having a good sort out of my wardrobe every once in a while and this is a great place to do something with the clothes I no longer want. I will leave them up on the site for a few months and then the bits I don’t sell, I will take them down and off to a charity shop they go!

I have linked my profile here –

So if any of you are interested you can check it out!
What apps do you love using?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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T-Shirt Dress – Day to Night

Ever been in a rush from a busy day and not had enough time to get ready for an evening out? I find recently for me this has been the case for me. Being a second year uni student the work load is building up. I spend my days in uni or running errands, so when it comes to the evening, dinner out or going for drinks, I don’t want to spend ages getting ready. As a result of this I have become a big fan of day to night outfits!

I was in this situation on Saturday, a day spent working away in the library, followed by my boyfriend taking me out for dinner and a cinema trip. I really wanted to wear my new mustard t-shirt dress (H&M) that my boyfriend had picked out for me, so decided to base my outfits for the day around this! I wanted to keep my daytime look comfy and casual yet still stylish. I decided to pair the t-shirt dress with my favourite jeans, the Asos Farleigh Mon jeans. I tucked the front on my dress into the jeans to give it more of a normal t-shirt look. It was a sunny day, but being autumn not warm enough to skip wearing a jacket so as a compromise I went with an oversized scarf. This scarf is from H&M and after buying it last year, I fell in love with it. On my feet I threw on my black, high top convserse, such a good go to pair of shoes and finally had my trusty sunnies with me.

Look book_-2Look book_-4Look book_look-book_-51.jpg

When I got back from the library I had only a shirt time to get ready, but after having planned my outfit in my head I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I switched the jeans for a pair of thick black cable knit tights, leaving the dress to hang down. I then replaced the scarf with a bow chocker (River Island), which instantly dress up the outfit. On my head, I added a black floppy hat. This was another purchase from last year and I love it as a statement piece. It’s great if you haven’t had time to do your hair or if you just want to add something extra to an outfit. I decided not to take a jacket out with me, as I knew we would just be indoors and with it being a humid night didn’t want to get too hot. Finally on my feet I went with some black lace up heeled boots. (Sorry these didn’t show up on camera that well!) The heel on these boots is small enough to be super comfy and wearable, but big enough to make them perfect for an evening look!

Look book_-10Look book_-15Look book_-8Look book_-7look-book_-61.jpg

I thought I would also share with you a closer up view of my hair and make up for the day. I curled my hair first thing in the morning so that it would last me all day. I also did most of my make up, making sure to both prime and spray my face, helping the make up to stay on all day. When it came to the evening to touch the look up, I added winged liner and a kohl pencil on my water line (Forgot to take a photo of this!!). Finally I changed my nude daytime lip to a warmer red toned autumn colour!

Look book_-18Look book_-19

I am so happy with how these looks turned out! But I have to say I was conscious that the dress was very short and have decided when I next wear it to experiment with pairing a black body con skirt underneath it.

Did you guys enjoy the post? I was so excited to photograph and write this post because as a fashion student this is what I do! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Testing New Make up Brushes

I finally did it… I finally treated myself to some new make up brushes! After working full time over summer I wanted to treat myself to something I had been wanting for a while and after spending months looking at different make up brush sets, I decided to go with this 18 piece set from BH cosmetics. The set is affordable and I had read some good reviews about not only the set but also the brand, so took the plunge and placed my order. They arrived the day I was due to leave to go back to uni, just in time! And I couldn’t wait to try them out!

I thought I’d give you all an honest review on my first time using the brushes to let you know what I think. The set itself comes in a brush belt. For me personally I won’t be using the belt but if you are a make up artist this could be really helpful. I decided to do quite a full on make up use in order to use as many of the brushes as possible. Starting with a foundation brush, I applied my daily foundation all over my skin before buffing it in. It felt strange to begin with as I normally reach straight for a sponge for my base but I found myself enjoying using a brush and will definitely keep on using it.


The next two brushes I used were an angled liner brush and a spoolie. Never having owned a spoolie (apart from on the end of pencils) I was super excited for this one and found straight away it made applying make up to my brows a lot easier! I then moved onto my eyes, my favourite part of doing my make up. Before I had only really used two eye make up brushes, so now having a larger choice of what to use I decided to try out a different sort of eye look. Out of all the brushes from the set these are the best. The flat shadow brush, angled shadow brush and blending brush were the ones that gave me the best results! I was a bit disappointed to say that the texture and softness of the brushes weren’t consistent and some felt a bit rough but never the less they still did a good job.


Finally I moved to finishing my face. I started with the angled contour brush and I am sad to say that I am disappointed. Straight away it started shedding and I struggled to blend out my contour with it, the blush brush was the same, shedding straight away and not picking up much product. I am hoping that after a wash and being used a few more times the shedding will stop and I can give them a better try. Although these two were a disappointment, two face brushes I did like was the small contour brush, perfect for around the nose and the large powder brush!


I have included a couple of before and after pictures of the final make up look for you to see how the brushes worked over all. The day I shot these photos my skin was playing up a bit with a couple of break outs but I was happy that I was able to cover them up and get a good overall complexion.


What make up brushes are your go to ones? Would love to hear some suggestions!

Your’s Truly,

Emma x

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September 2017 – Summer has gone

Hey all you lovely people,
So I can confirm that summer is over and the bad weather is here! But you know what that also means… cute jumper, scarfs and boots! But it also means that uni starts back tomorrow and I am terrified. Second year is about to start and its a year of finally deciding what I want to do in the future. I know that I want to do fashion but now I need to start making some more decissions about what part of fashion. Even writing about it scares me a little, so I will get onto the last month. I moved back into my flat for the year, leaving my job, friends and family behind me once again. It was another hard time, but this year I had my boyfriend with my to help with the move, making things a little easier. The last couple of weeks scince being back I have been sorting myself out, experimenting with cooking, organising and then seeing my uni friends. It has been a enjoyable two weeks.

I know my work load is about to increas so I will try my hardesr to keep up my blog posts, but please bare with me if some come late or some are missed.

Yours Truly,

Emma xx

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October Bullet Journal

Hey guys!

As the end of the month draws closer it means a new monthly spread in my bullet journal. This month was my first month of using a bullet journal and although I have loved using it to get organised, there were definitly some improvements that I needed to make! The first thing that needed changing was my monthly spread. Origionally i had taken up two double pages with this, havina a larger monthly calander, along with a tracker and then a spending tracker across two pages of its own! I did not need all of this space. For starters I wasn’t using the monthly calander, but I did quite like having it to glance at if i needed to know which day fell when, so I added it to my title page. Much beter use of space. Secondly, I didn’t need to have my spending tracker across two pages. I’ve only used about half a page this month so again I made this a lot smaller, meaning my monthly spread fits onto one double page.

Next up was the weekly spreads. Agaian they had takenup two double pages for each week and I wanted ot change that. I liked having a spaced to writemy lists, but I wasn’t useing all the space, so decided to fit all the days onto one double page, leaving a sections to do my meal plans all in one. I think that these spread are going to work for me a lot better but I will update you all next month to let you know how I get on!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Back to Uni Haul

I am officially moved into my second year flat! I have this week to settle in before freshers week and then it’s back to the hard work that is my uni degree! I wanted to get myself sorted with a few beauty bits while I still had the time and also the money! A trip to the usual boots and superdrug did the trick!

I started by picking up a couple of skin care bits. The first was my trusty go to micellar water. This thing is amazing! I try to use a proper cleanser normally but this is a life saver after a night out. There is nothing worse than going to bed with a full face of make up, but with a cotton pad and some micellar water, its quick and easy, you can’t go wrong. The next face product I got was a new night-time moisturiser. As winter is quickly approaching, my skins gets dry so fast and the best way to solve this is to get a good hydrating night cream. I have never tried this one from Una Brennan before but I love there face masks so thought why not give this one a go. Finally the last skin care product is nose strips! I don’t use these that often, maybe once a month, but I find that’s enough. The ones that I got this time are the deep charcoal Biore ones.


Next I got myself a new hair product. I recently cut my hair a lot shorter and am enjoying playing around trying to style it, so decided to treat myself to a hair moose. I am yet to try this but I am sure I will be doing a review very soon. Lastly are two make up products. The first is Tanya Burr face illuminator, I thought that this would be a good foundation alternative for those days in uni or at the library where my skin is tired and I don’t want to be wearing any foundation. Again I have not tired this but a review will be coming soon. Lastly I grabbed my favourite eye liner, the soap and glory super cat liner. This product is so easy to use and the best part is, it stay on all day and all night without budging!


What are your back to school beauty essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours Truly,


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