Fitness Essentials

January is the perfect time to get into new routines or work on the ones that you may have fallen behind on and one of my new years goals was to get back to the gym! For me gym is the perfect stress relief, as well as helping me to keep fit and healthy! Although it can take a while for the motivation to kick on, once I have my essentials, I am ready to go and the hard work always pays off.

I thought I’d share with you my fitness essentials, these few items that make all the difference. Hopefully this will help those of you out there who are looking for ways to make your new years resolutions work!

Workout Clothes

For me this was the first point of call which helped me get into going to the gym. Before I joined I brought myself a few items of cute fitness clothing. As soon as I brought them I wanted to wear them and within no time I was at the gym ready to go! Theres lots of things that can give someone that kick of confidence but for me it has to be the clothes that I am wearing. For me finding gym clothes that I feel comfortable in can really help me get the confidence that I need to workout without the fear of being judged. Not only this but finding gym wear that works for you and supports you in the correct way, is also extremely important. It took my a while to find trainers that worked with my gym routine but eventually I settled with my Nike ones. Spongy soles, supportive backs and breathable they are perfect for a varying workout. My sports bras were also a big thing that took me a while to get right and after spending hours trying on different styles I found that the New Balance ones supported me in the best way possible. Finally gym leggings are definitely my weakness! I love all types and styles, from bright colours and quirky patterns to extreme comfort. My pair from Sweaty Betty are my all time favourite pair. They have a great abstract monochrome pattern and on top of that are amazingly soft!



Water may seem like an obvious gym essential but I feel that it can sometimes be over looked and people can soon become dehydrated at the gym. I always make sure to take a full water bottle with me and will drink about two full bottles, re-filling it mid workout from the water fountain.



To put it straight out there, I can’t work out without my good old Spotify workout play list! I’m always adding more music to it everyday to keep it current and so that I don’t get bored with it and it’s what helps me through! I also love to wear my wireless beats when working out as it means I’m not being held back by a wire.


Foam Roller

Last but not least it my foam roller! This is my go to when my muscles are burning from an intense session. I use it most after legs days, rolling it over all of my legs to help get rid of lactic acid and minimising the chance of my muslces being sore the next day.


Let me know what you’re gym essentials are below and if I’m missing any importance from my workouts! Also let me know if you would like to see a full gym routine?

Yours Truly,

Emma x



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