Scrap For One, Fashion For Another

When thinking of a fashion photoshoot location an old scrap yard on the edge of town would normally be far from my mind, but in this case other people’s scarp became the perfect set for me!
After spending my last project creating a transport inspired white shirt, it was time to style and photograph it. I spent a long time thinking through where we be the best location and during my research stumbled on an old scrap yard only a half hour drive away. With the shirt having an industrial feel to it, the laser cutting inspired by tractor tyres and the sonic welding by chains, this soon became clear to be the perfect location!

I recruited in the help of my friend and model Georgie, gathered a few props and was soon ready to go! It was an adventure in itself going up to the scrap yard and along with having an enjoyable day, I returned home with some great shots! I decided that I wanted to work into the photos a bit, so played around with the colour on lightroom, giving them a grungy edge and adding to the overall effect created.

It was a great experience doing my first on location photoshoot and has made my love for photography grow further! On the day we also ventured to an abandoned hospital to take a few more photos, so keep an eye out for that post coming soon!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my work! Are any of you interested in photography?

Yours Truly

Emma x

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