Who Am I?

Who am I?

Some of you may already know a bit about me from reading my post but for those of you don’t know who I am, let me introduce myself properly!

My name is Emma and I am a fashion student from Hertfordshire, just North of London. I study away from home and am currently living in student accommodation near to my uni. Although I love my family dearly,  but as a really independent person, living away from home has been great for me. I have wanted to study fashion for a long time and have progressed from doing a two-year course at college to where I am today. There are many fashion courses out there, all slightly different but mine is purely Fashion. This means I get the chance to do projects in all the different areas within the industry, lots of which I have never tried before. Some of the projects that I completed at college included Illustration, McQueen and Industrial Standards (click the links for more detail on these posts). I loved doing these projects and uni has taken me even further doing new projects including A Walk in my Shoes, Scrap for One Fashion for Another, Fashion Issues and A Digital Sketchbook (click the links for more details).

But I am not jsut a fashion student. I have two jobs which I have kept for when I am home over holiday times. One at an independent pottery studio and the other for an online fashion retailer. I love both of my jobs and miss work when I am away at uni. I have been at the pottery studio since I was 15 and having grown up there, my colleges are like family to me! Then alongside all of that I have my blog! I had always wanted to start a blog but it was only this Christmas (2016) that I finally got round to setting one up and I am so pleased that I did. I enjoy writting and love being able to connect with my readers, sharing my thoughts and feelings.

In the little time that I have spare around coursework, blogging and working. I spend time with my boyfriend, family and friends. Whether its a catch up over dinner, a shopping trip or just a movie night in, I always make sure to save some time for those who I care about most.

So theres a little insight to my life! If theres anything else you would like to know about me I will be doing a Q&A in a couple of weeks, so leave your questions in the comments below!

(Also apologies for the delay in this post, was supposed to go live on Wednesday but due to my internet order being cancelled and being left without any connection I have only been able to post today!)

Yours Truly,

Emma x

Want to see more find me on Bloglovin’ and Instagram19578870_1550593735010594_1395772192_o19619638_1550593785010589_751900441_o19619857_1550593791677255_941419996_o19578422_1550593725010595_1559970406_n


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