Stocking up on the Basics

Is it just me that finds all their beauty essentials run out at the same time?!

That’s what happened to me this weekend which resulted in a trip to boots! Although I like to play around and mix up my make up and toiletries, there a few basics that I keep the same! These are the products that I know work well and are affordable. Firstly I grabbed the rimmel stay matte pressed powder, 01 transparent, this has been the powder that I use for years now and sets my makeup in place flawlessly without any caking or patchiness. Another setting product that I use is the clear mascara from natural collection. This mascara is great for setting my eye brows in place and definitely gives it a good hold for the day without going stiff and looks fake and the best thing is ita inky £1.99! Next was the collection lasting perfection concealer, again a product that has been a go to for a while now. I use it for an under eye brightening concealer and since when I tried it I haven’t looked back! Finally is my favourite mascara the maybeline, lash sensational mascara in black. This gives my lashes volume as well as length and doesn’t go clumpy either!


The next few iteams I have to get were toiletries! First up was new shampoo. I have been using treseme for a while now so decided to switch it up a bit and go for the Aussie stop the break shampoo a great shampoo that helps stop hair damage when styling and using heat on your hair on a regular basis! I also got the conditioner in the same type for extra protection! I got two other hair products at the same time, some L’Oréal Elnett hair spray, the one for coloured hair and then some Alice bands for keeping my hair off my face when putting on makeup or cleansing!


Finally the last item I picked up was a pack of cotton pads (from Wilkos). Also a must to have a bug supply of these and I use about 4 a day!

So that’s everything I picked up this time and hopefully they’ll last me a while!

What are your beauty essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Evening Pamper Routine

Who doesn’t love to spend an evening just relaxing and pampering themselves! It can sometimes be hard to find some time to have to yourself in your day-to-day life, but it is important that every so often we just stop and breath and having a pamper evening is my favourite way to do this!

I started my evening by gathering all the things together that I would need for my perfect night in. This included a facemask, scented candles, lush bath bomb, a good book, bottle of rose and of course some fluffy towels! I started by taking off my make up from the day using my Garnier Micellar cleansing water and then applied the rose face mask from Sephora. I love how smooth my skin feels after this facemask, it definitely benefits my skin well! While that was on my face, I ran myself a bath using the Creamy Candy bubble bar from Lush. Its smell reminds me of the christmas scent, snow fairy, one of my favourite lush smells and after crumbling it under running water, my bath was soon filled with lots of pink bubbles! I went on to light a couple of small primark candles, before slipping into the bath, book in one hand, rose in the other.


After finishing in the bath, my pamper routine doesn’t stop there! It’s at this time that I like to spend some time doing my nails. I decided to paint my toe nails and then put on some white fake nails. These white nails are the newest addition to my primark collection and I love them already! (Find out more about my Primark nails here). Then finally to end the night I will top up my wine glass and sit back watching some catch up on my laptop!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I do for my pamper nights! How do you like to relax?

Your Truly,

Emma x

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Pink Grapefruit Collection at the Body Shop

As summer is quickly approaching I decided to have a shift around in my every day beauty products! I switched out my coco butter shower gel and body lotion and, after a quick trip to Body Shop, replaced it them a few of the products from the pink grapefruit range. This has to be my favourite fragrance from the Body Shop. Its fresh zingy scent has me up and ready to go on those warm summer mornings, making me excited for the sunny day ahead.

They were doing a buy one half price offer on the large items, so I picked myself up a bottle of the shower gel and then a large tub of body butter. Then from the smaller products I grabbed one of the body scrubs. I had never tried a Body Shop scrub before which is why I opted for the smaller size to give it a trial run before purchasing the larger one if I get along well with it. I then have the small pot of body butter. This is a product that I already owned from before. I had stocked up on these last summer as they are the perfect size to throw in your bag. I loved using the small tub after I’d done some sunbathing in the park with friends or if my skin was looking dry throughout a day when having bare legs!

I am so excited to start using these new products now that the sun is finally out! Pink grapefruit is definitely my go to summer scent! What’s your favourite summer fragrance? Let me know in the comments down below?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Body shop-3Body shop-4Body shop-6Body shop-5Body shop-2Body shop-8Body shop

Charcoal Face Mask! Does it work? 

Every time I go onto Instagram and YouTube videos always pop up trying out the peel off charcoal face mask! I have always thought it was a great idea so when I spotted a tube of the mask in a beauty shop I thought it was finally time to give it a go for myself!




I was nervous at first, knowing that it can be painful, so did a trail just using it on my nose! I used just one layer of the liquid but soon noticed it was drying patchy and whole air hole so layered it up with a second coat. After waiting for around 10 minutes the mask was dry and ready to peel off. To my surprise it came off easily, in one piece, with little pain. I struggled to see if it had pulled any black heads out as it was such a thin layer but my nose definitely felt smooth afterwards!



A few days later I decided to brave it and go for the whole face! I had to layer up the mask a couple of times to get a good coverage and then left it until I started to feel it tighten and dry around my face. I was expecting it to peel off easily after doing my nose and it not hurting; but this time I was in pain! My forehead and nose were fine but as soon as I move towards my checks my eyes were watering! I pushed through and pulled the rest off and was happily surprised by my skin being smooth underneath… until waking up the next morning to sore skin and spots! I wasn’t happy! I feel like the mask worked on my nose but should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. I would maybe use it again for my nose, but only so I don’t waste the product! I wouldn’t buy this again though. For the pain it gives you and the bad outcome over all, it is not worth the money! 18472163_1491440094259292_1371564009_o


Let me know if you have tried this facemask? Did it work any better for you?

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Primark Nails

Before I write this post I want to do a quick side note apology for the lack of a post last Wednesday! I have been trying to post every Wednesday but due to deadlines piling in at uni I didn’t get a chance to write last weeks! I was pushed to finish one deadline for Wednesday morning before travelling to Bristol for a photoshoot on Thursday!
Due to this I was also not able to do my normal monthly update, so March will have to be combined with April!

I am going away to Wales with my famil for the week on Thursday but will be sceduling a post for next Wendsay and hopefully will be able to follow that up with some photographs from my trip! Anyway back to my weekly post… Primark Nails!

Am I the only girl out ther who cannot stand painting their nails?! The time it takes to sit and litrally watch paint dry… only for it to then chip off a few days later! It has always fustrated me until I found a better alternative! Fake nails! I have never wanted to pay to go and get my nails done professionally. As a student, its not something that really fits into my budget, but after hearing that primark nails are great and cheap and there being a big store just down the road from me I decided to check them out and haven’t looked back since.


There was a large range when I went in and I now have a growing collection! My favourite are these neutral coloured ones in Stone Cold. They are perfect to wear with anything and I found them to stay on for over two weeks! Pretty impressive for only paying £1. They do take a while to apply though. With doing an art subject, I need to be able to use my hands easily for all the pratical tasks, making, sewing ect. and becuase of this i struggle with having long nails, meaning I cut and file each nail once applied. But the extra time taken to do this is definitly worth it for how long they stay on for! Especially, like I said, when I do a lot of pratical work with my hands! Imagine if I wasn’t doing any of this, how long they would stay on for!


I recently added a couple of new styles to my collection. The ‘Rose Gold’ and the ‘Frosted Rose’ nails. I wore the ‘Rose Chrome’ into uni and must have got 3 or 4 compliments that day of people asking where I get my nails done! Only to be greeted with shocked faces when I said they were Pirmark £.150 fake nails! I am ye to try the ‘Rose Chrome’ but am very excited to!


What do you guys like to do with you nails? Paint them? Get them done? I would love to hear all your thoughts!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Top 3 Facemasks!

There is nothing more relaxing than having a chilled night in; favourite film on, box of chocolates and a luxury face mask! I always find that a face mask can always help me relax as well as having great benefits on my skin! I tend to switch between a few different masks depending on what I feel my skin needs at the time and I will try to use the mask once or twice a week, depending on skin condition. I am going to share with you my all time favourite face masks and hopefully help you find one that works for you!

Sephora – Algae Face Mask.

I love this face mask, but it is a limited treat for me! Without ordering online it is a struggle to get these in the uk, but when I can get my hands of them, I stock up! This is a sheet mask that fits well over the face with holes for the eyes, mouth and nose. After leaving for about 15-20 minutes you can gently massage any excess in and then peel off the skin, leaving your face moisturized and glowing! I find this to really purify the skin, as it claims to do and helps to get rid of any pesky spots!

face masks-4

Super Facialist by Una Brennan – Pore Purifying Clay Mask

This next mask is a bit more messy but that makes it all the more fun for a girls pamper night! It is a true clay mask and comes out a deep grey colour which dries once put on the skin and becomes hard. After leaving until it has set it normally take a while to take off. I do this by soaking either cotton wool pads or a muslim cloth in warm water. Once off, skin feels instantly smoother and I can always see that my pore have unblocked! It’s great for using when you skin has got clogged up, but you have to be cautious of it drying you skin up, so is best to use a good moisturizer afterwards. Alternatively I use my next face mask the following day to restore hydration.

face masks-2

Clarins – Hydra Quench Cream Mask

This is my favourite mask of all time! As someone who suffers from dry skin in the winter this is my go to face product! you smooth the creamy formula over you skin and leave for around 10 minutes to dry. I always find it fascinating to see after being left as the amount that the product sinks in really depends on how dry your skin is! Sometimes there looks to hardly be any product left on my face. Even when it looks like there isn’t any product left, I always rinse my face with warm water afterwards to clear my skin and then I a left with smooth hydrated skin!

face masks-3

If you have tried any of these let me know what you think! Or are there any others that I need to try? What are your go to face masks?

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

There is something oddly satisfying about cleaning make up brushes! Whether its watching the old make up run from the brissles or swilling the dirty water down the sink afterwards, it’s more of a fun job than a chore!

I hadn’t washed my brushes in a while and when coming to do them this morning decided to show you how I clean them! I always start with a bowl of warm water, which I change multiple times throughout the process, bar of plain (baby shampoo also works well for this) and an old towel. I take a brush at a time dipping it in the water before swirling it around on the soap and then my hand. I repeat this a few times for each brush before I can see the bristles turn back to their origional colour. I will then lay them out overnight on the towel to dry! It’s so important to do this regulary as it can not only help make up to be applied better but also helps prevent you from getting spots and blockes pores. I can someitmes get lazy when it does come to washing them but I am trying to get into a beter routine with them!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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