Winter Skin Care Routine – Evening

Winter… I love it… my skin hates it!

Winter is one of my favourite times of year , the crisp icy mornings wrapped up in a cute jumper boots and a scarf, the cold evenings wrapped up, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book. Whats there not to love! The problem is though, my skin hates the cold. Having naturally dry skin, the cold weather makes it feel tight and sore, meaning that each night I have to do that bit extra to help keep it feeling fresh.

I begin my evening sin care routine by taking my trusty micellar water onto a cotton pad and removing all the make up off my eyes and face. I normally end up doing this twice to make sure there is nothing left behind! The next step I don’t do every night but make sure I do at least once a week. This is my favourite hydrating face mask! This Clarins mask has been an absolute life saver! I apply a thick layer across my skin and leave for around 10 minutes. By the end of the 10 minutes the products has sunk into my skin in all the dry areas and I take a cotton pad and use warm water to clean of the remains.



After doing tha tI move onto my new favourite product! The Lush toner, Eau Roma Water! I discovered this about 2/3 months ago now and after using it every day, morning and night, I can see my skin looking brighter and naturally glowing. The products contain both lavender water and rose water, alongside having a spray top, making it perfect for a quick, easy yet effective step to an everyday skincare routine. Once the toner has dried, I make sure to apply a thick layer of my night cream. The cream that I can currently using is the Super facialist, by Una Brennan, rose hydrate. Not only does this has a gorgeous rose sent but leaves my face feeling hydrated and soft to touch. Finally I apply spot cream to any blemishes I may have at the time. I have used the clearasil rapid action treatment cream for years now, applying it when needs be and by morning the spot has visibly reduced in both redness and size.


I am really enjoying my skin care routine at the moment and can see just how much it is helping my skin. On the odd day where I miss out a step, I can see a noticeable difference, which helps me motivated to follow my routine every evening.

What are your winter go to skin care products?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Trying out Vo5 Products

When it comes to my hair I either love it or hate it! Sometimes I will wake up and enjoy styling it and then it will stay styled for the following 3/4 days before I was it and the process starts over. Other times I wake up and hate it! I want nothing more than to either wish it was long again or just wish that I didn’t have any hair to bother with. So with this being the case I am always on the look out for new products that will make the good hair days a more regular occurence. I was in need of a new heat protector and after a trip to boots and finding a 3 for 2 offer on Vo5, I decided to give some of their products a go.

The first producted that I picked up was a texture salt spray. I had never tired one of these before and wanted to see if it would help my hair go into natural curls without having to use heat on it. After playing around with it, I have found that it does work to an extent but I have to leave my hair down to sleep rather than tying it up, the option I’d normally take. It unfortunately doesn’t work as well as I had hoped, but it does help that little bit. I am yet to try it on dry hair tho, so let me know if you have tried salt spray on dry hair and if it works!


Next I grabbed a volume moose. I have use tresemes version of this before when my hair was a lot longer and it helped the curls stay in better when using a curling wand, as well as giving me lift at the roots. Sadly tho, this product didn’t work for me. Whether it’s because I am using it on my shorter hair and am not yet used to it or that it just doesn’t work as well, I don’t know, so I am going to keep trying it and see what I can do.


Finally I got what I went in for, the heat protect spray. Out of the three products I can happily say that this is my favourite. It has helped keep my hair healthy since having it chopped, even when I am using a lot of heat on it. Heat being something that really affects my hair. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when I run out.


Although I was a bit hit and miss with the products, I will give them this… they all smell divine! There are some great smelling hair products out there but these have to be the best I have come across. They leave my hair smelling fresh and fruity for days. Giving it a real salon smell.

What are your go to hair products?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

I want to write a quick apology for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. If you want to know why I have been slacking on my blog then keep an eye out for my October/November update that I will hopefully be posting on the 26th. This should give you more of an insight to what I have been up to outside of my blog. In the mean time, give my instagram a follow to keep more up to date with me everyday. I try to post daily outfit pictures and will be updating my story with what I am up to! @yourstrulyemmax

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Back to Uni Haul

I am officially moved into my second year flat! I have this week to settle in before freshers week and then it’s back to the hard work that is my uni degree! I wanted to get myself sorted with a few beauty bits while I still had the time and also the money! A trip to the usual boots and superdrug did the trick!

I started by picking up a couple of skin care bits. The first was my trusty go to micellar water. This thing is amazing! I try to use a proper cleanser normally but this is a life saver after a night out. There is nothing worse than going to bed with a full face of make up, but with a cotton pad and some micellar water, its quick and easy, you can’t go wrong. The next face product I got was a new night-time moisturiser. As winter is quickly approaching, my skins gets dry so fast and the best way to solve this is to get a good hydrating night cream. I have never tried this one from Una Brennan before but I love there face masks so thought why not give this one a go. Finally the last skin care product is nose strips! I don’t use these that often, maybe once a month, but I find that’s enough. The ones that I got this time are the deep charcoal Biore ones.


Next I got myself a new hair product. I recently cut my hair a lot shorter and am enjoying playing around trying to style it, so decided to treat myself to a hair moose. I am yet to try this but I am sure I will be doing a review very soon. Lastly are two make up products. The first is Tanya Burr face illuminator, I thought that this would be a good foundation alternative for those days in uni or at the library where my skin is tired and I don’t want to be wearing any foundation. Again I have not tired this but a review will be coming soon. Lastly I grabbed my favourite eye liner, the soap and glory super cat liner. This product is so easy to use and the best part is, it stay on all day and all night without budging!


What are your back to school beauty essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours Truly,


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Not Another Makeup Haul!

So I think I may be a bit obsessed with make up at the moment… and that can only mean one thing… another make up haul!

I brought these bits and pieces across two different trips, so together I have a sort of collective haul. The first place that I went to was Boots. I had been wanting a face primer for a long time, as this was the one important thing missing from my make up collection. I had tried out the revlon photo ready primer before, when I had borrowed it from a friend, and having loved it, decided that this would be a good choice to go with! The soft silky texture of it is perfect for giving you the perfect base to your skin, leaving you photo ready all day! Revlon were doing a 3 for 2 offer on this particular day and having already been eyeing up a couple of their other products I decided to grab myself a new every day foundation! My favourite all time foundation has to be the YSL touch eleclat, but with it being slightly more on the pricy side, I wanted a cheaper alternative for everyday use. I went with the Revlon, colour stay in normal/dry, shade 200. I have tried it out a couple of times already and am in love with the moisturising texture and flawless finish it gives. Finally from Revlon I picked up the colour stay eyebrow pencil in the shade 210, soft brown.


After spending a while at the Revlon counter, I decided to move over to NYX. I was desperately in need of a new bronzer for contouring and having looked lots up online decided to go with this one from NYX. It is in actual fact sold as a blushers instead of a bronzer, but being in the shade taupe and a cool toned brown rather than orange toned, it works great for creating a shadow underneath your cheek bone.


I then moved from boots to Superdrug where I was instantly drawn towards their new stand of Elf products. The eye shadow palettes quickly caught my eye and I couldn’t help but treat myself to nude rose gold palette. This palette has 10 pink and copper toned shades, reminding me of the naked 3 palette. They aren’t the most pigmented shades I have ever used but they have enough pigment to give you a great day time look without going over the top.


A few days later I found myself taking a trip to Birmingham Bullring and that can only mean one thing… a trip into Kiko! As always kiko had a sale on and I soon found myself looking at their individual eyeshadows which were only about £1.20 and yes I ended up buying three! The first two work together being a coppery shade and the tired is a metallic lilac shade which I can wear with my other purple shadows that I own! Finally in Birmingham new street station, I headed into a shop called Hema. I had never been in this shop before and it reminded me a lot of tiger and even sold make up! They also had a sale on so decided to try a couple of their products. First was this metalic taupe eye pencil and the second a brush. I have tried out the brush a couple of times and although it doesn’t pick up that much products it is good for blending.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I got in my makeup haul! Let me know any new products that you have brought or tired out recently!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Stocking up on the Basics

Is it just me that finds all their beauty essentials run out at the same time?!

That’s what happened to me this weekend which resulted in a trip to boots! Although I like to play around and mix up my make up and toiletries, there a few basics that I keep the same! These are the products that I know work well and are affordable. Firstly I grabbed the rimmel stay matte pressed powder, 01 transparent, this has been the powder that I use for years now and sets my makeup in place flawlessly without any caking or patchiness. Another setting product that I use is the clear mascara from natural collection. This mascara is great for setting my eye brows in place and definitely gives it a good hold for the day without going stiff and looks fake and the best thing is ita inky £1.99! Next was the collection lasting perfection concealer, again a product that has been a go to for a while now. I use it for an under eye brightening concealer and since when I tried it I haven’t looked back! Finally is my favourite mascara the maybeline, lash sensational mascara in black. This gives my lashes volume as well as length and doesn’t go clumpy either!


The next few iteams I have to get were toiletries! First up was new shampoo. I have been using treseme for a while now so decided to switch it up a bit and go for the Aussie stop the break shampoo a great shampoo that helps stop hair damage when styling and using heat on your hair on a regular basis! I also got the conditioner in the same type for extra protection! I got two other hair products at the same time, some L’Oréal Elnett hair spray, the one for coloured hair and then some Alice bands for keeping my hair off my face when putting on makeup or cleansing!


Finally the last item I picked up was a pack of cotton pads (from Wilkos). Also a must to have a bug supply of these and I use about 4 a day!

So that’s everything I picked up this time and hopefully they’ll last me a while!

What are your beauty essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Evening Pamper Routine

Who doesn’t love to spend an evening just relaxing and pampering themselves! It can sometimes be hard to find some time to have to yourself in your day-to-day life, but it is important that every so often we just stop and breath and having a pamper evening is my favourite way to do this!

I started my evening by gathering all the things together that I would need for my perfect night in. This included a facemask, scented candles, lush bath bomb, a good book, bottle of rose and of course some fluffy towels! I started by taking off my make up from the day using my Garnier Micellar cleansing water and then applied the rose face mask from Sephora. I love how smooth my skin feels after this facemask, it definitely benefits my skin well! While that was on my face, I ran myself a bath using the Creamy Candy bubble bar from Lush. Its smell reminds me of the christmas scent, snow fairy, one of my favourite lush smells and after crumbling it under running water, my bath was soon filled with lots of pink bubbles! I went on to light a couple of small primark candles, before slipping into the bath, book in one hand, rose in the other.


After finishing in the bath, my pamper routine doesn’t stop there! It’s at this time that I like to spend some time doing my nails. I decided to paint my toe nails and then put on some white fake nails. These white nails are the newest addition to my primark collection and I love them already! (Find out more about my Primark nails here). Then finally to end the night I will top up my wine glass and sit back watching some catch up on my laptop!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I do for my pamper nights! How do you like to relax?

Your Truly,

Emma x

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Pink Grapefruit Collection at the Body Shop

As summer is quickly approaching I decided to have a shift around in my every day beauty products! I switched out my coco butter shower gel and body lotion and, after a quick trip to Body Shop, replaced it them a few of the products from the pink grapefruit range. This has to be my favourite fragrance from the Body Shop. Its fresh zingy scent has me up and ready to go on those warm summer mornings, making me excited for the sunny day ahead.

They were doing a buy one half price offer on the large items, so I picked myself up a bottle of the shower gel and then a large tub of body butter. Then from the smaller products I grabbed one of the body scrubs. I had never tried a Body Shop scrub before which is why I opted for the smaller size to give it a trial run before purchasing the larger one if I get along well with it. I then have the small pot of body butter. This is a product that I already owned from before. I had stocked up on these last summer as they are the perfect size to throw in your bag. I loved using the small tub after I’d done some sunbathing in the park with friends or if my skin was looking dry throughout a day when having bare legs!

I am so excited to start using these new products now that the sun is finally out! Pink grapefruit is definitely my go to summer scent! What’s your favourite summer fragrance? Let me know in the comments down below?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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