Sunspel Project Work

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to take part in an amazing brief at uni. Design, pattern cutting, creation and all from an industry expert!

As many of you may know I am currently a second year university student studying fashion, which is also why my blog has been lacking content the last few months. Part of this semesters module was to complete a different live industry brief each week and it has definitely done a good job of keeping me busy! I’ve done all sorts of briefs in the last few months, from jewellery, to sportswear to colour theory, but my SunSpel project has to the one I am most proud of. For those who may not have heard of the brand, they are a UK based brand who design and make everything from the English home city, Nottingham. The began as menswear before branching out into women’s and are know for their loungewear, especially their signature t-shirts. Their polo shirts are even worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond films!

Our uni was lucky enough to get in contact with the head designer over at SunSpel who came into our Monday morning lecture to release a brief for us! After giving us a talk through the week project we were then lucky enough to take part in a hands on workshop, talking through our initial ideas with the designer himself. To give a quick summery of the brief we had to do a zero waste project. We had three different routes we could go down; zero waste pattern cutting, reducing the waste of a current SunSpel pattern or use of fabric scraps. I decided to go down the route of creating something for SunSpel and reducing the waste left over from making a t-shirt. Using the scraps of fabric I created a ball of fabric yarn which I used to make a weaving detail down the sides. The following Monday I had to present the design and here out my final outcomes.

Sun Spel_Page_1Sun Spel_Page_2Sun Spel_Page_3

A couple of days after our presentations we heard back the news that the designer had decided to choose a winner for the brief. I opened up the email to see me name at the top with the award ‘most innovative project’ and I couldn’t be more over the moon!

I wanted to share this all with you to show how putting in the effort really pays off. I always find I’m the one who try’s and try’s and works my socks off only to miss out on the top awards, but I never give up and now here I am! I have an amazing award given directly from an industry expert, something that will help me forward in my career. So remember to never give up.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Favourite App – Vinted

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d do a slightly different post for you all today and share with you an app that I have been loving recently. I used to use this quite a lot and then after getting a new phone, forgot about it! But after having a clear out of a lot of my clothes, I have rediscovered it and am loving it.

So let me tell you all what the app is about! It’s designed for selling and buying seconds hand, clothes, shoes and accessories. You can create an account and once verified you can begin posting your old clothes to sell. The app helps you to categorise each item and gives you postage options too. Once you have shared you’re item it is available for others to buy and the best thing about it… there’s no seller charge! Along with selling your items you can also buy new pieces to add to your wardrobe, with a search bar and filtering options to make it easy to find what you want!

I love having a good sort out of my wardrobe every once in a while and this is a great place to do something with the clothes I no longer want. I will leave them up on the site for a few months and then the bits I don’t sell, I will take them down and off to a charity shop they go!

I have linked my profile here –

So if any of you are interested you can check it out!
What apps do you love using?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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T-Shirt Dress – Day to Night

Ever been in a rush from a busy day and not had enough time to get ready for an evening out? I find recently for me this has been the case for me. Being a second year uni student the work load is building up. I spend my days in uni or running errands, so when it comes to the evening, dinner out or going for drinks, I don’t want to spend ages getting ready. As a result of this I have become a big fan of day to night outfits!

I was in this situation on Saturday, a day spent working away in the library, followed by my boyfriend taking me out for dinner and a cinema trip. I really wanted to wear my new mustard t-shirt dress (H&M) that my boyfriend had picked out for me, so decided to base my outfits for the day around this! I wanted to keep my daytime look comfy and casual yet still stylish. I decided to pair the t-shirt dress with my favourite jeans, the Asos Farleigh Mon jeans. I tucked the front on my dress into the jeans to give it more of a normal t-shirt look. It was a sunny day, but being autumn not warm enough to skip wearing a jacket so as a compromise I went with an oversized scarf. This scarf is from H&M and after buying it last year, I fell in love with it. On my feet I threw on my black, high top convserse, such a good go to pair of shoes and finally had my trusty sunnies with me.

Look book_-2Look book_-4Look book_look-book_-51.jpg

When I got back from the library I had only a shirt time to get ready, but after having planned my outfit in my head I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I switched the jeans for a pair of thick black cable knit tights, leaving the dress to hang down. I then replaced the scarf with a bow chocker (River Island), which instantly dress up the outfit. On my head, I added a black floppy hat. This was another purchase from last year and I love it as a statement piece. It’s great if you haven’t had time to do your hair or if you just want to add something extra to an outfit. I decided not to take a jacket out with me, as I knew we would just be indoors and with it being a humid night didn’t want to get too hot. Finally on my feet I went with some black lace up heeled boots. (Sorry these didn’t show up on camera that well!) The heel on these boots is small enough to be super comfy and wearable, but big enough to make them perfect for an evening look!

Look book_-10Look book_-15Look book_-8Look book_-7look-book_-61.jpg

I thought I would also share with you a closer up view of my hair and make up for the day. I curled my hair first thing in the morning so that it would last me all day. I also did most of my make up, making sure to both prime and spray my face, helping the make up to stay on all day. When it came to the evening to touch the look up, I added winged liner and a kohl pencil on my water line (Forgot to take a photo of this!!). Finally I changed my nude daytime lip to a warmer red toned autumn colour!

Look book_-18Look book_-19

I am so happy with how these looks turned out! But I have to say I was conscious that the dress was very short and have decided when I next wear it to experiment with pairing a black body con skirt underneath it.

Did you guys enjoy the post? I was so excited to photograph and write this post because as a fashion student this is what I do! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Gym Look Book – The Brights

Its been a while coming but I am super excited to share with you all my latest lookbook! The gym brights! After the great response on my last gym lookbook post I have been wanting to post the second part here but as some of you may know I have been so busy over the summer and it has taken until now to get this post written and pictures eidited. If you didn’t see my last lookbook check it out here – Gym Lookbook – Black and Pink. I loved all the outfits in my last post, butsometimes I like to go a bit brighter and bolder, so for you fun loving gym girls out there… here are the brights of my gym wardrobe!

Look 1

This first look is a perfect summer go to look. It’s cute and fun, while keping you cool, but staying covered up. When I found these shorts on Bershka I just couldn’t resist and looking further into their website I soon found a cute top to wear with them. The two pieces compliment each other well, being colourful but not too over powering. I had always been nervous to wear shorts at the gy, worried they would ride up but these are super comfy and stay in place, making me feel secure while working out.

(Top and shorts from Bershka, sports bra from New Balance, Nike trainers)

Gym-2 (1)Gym-4 (1)Gym-5 (1)

Look 2

This next look is slightly darker than the first, but still has a good amount of colour to keep it fun. For me a perfect colour scheme for the gym in the winter. The leggings are my favourite in the look. The pink and purple ombre gives the outfit that good hint of colour, while to mesh pannel at the back of the legs give it a stylish edgy look. I would normally add a black jacket when going to and from the gym and then add a black cap to make the outfit look complete.

(Leggings from TKmax, sports bra is New Balance, Nike trainers and cap from Asos)


Gym-8 (1)Gym-9 (1)Gym-10 (1)

Look 3

This next look is a bit more toned down with plain black leggings, but the fun comes in with the sports bra! Although this isn’t the most supportive sports bra, the look of it is great. I tend to stear away from this bra when doing weight bearing , but for a spin class or abs work out it works fine. I loved the bright pink pattern on the bra and not wanted to cover it up, paired it with this muscle tee. This tee has a large open back and dropped sides really showing off the colours on the bra.

(Leggings, top and bra all from forever 21, Nike trainers)

Gym-11 (1)Gym-12 (1)

Look 4

My final look is possible the boldest of the collection! Not only are there bright galaxy print leggings but a bright pink top to match my trainers! I found these leggings in TKmax for just £8 and couldn’t resist! They are definatly out there so for anyone wanting to blend in at the gym, maybed these aren’t the best option. But if you know me, I love a bold choice!

(Top and trainers are Nike, leggings TKmax and foam roller is from Amazon)

Gym-13 (1)Gym-16 (1)Gym-17 (1)

I hope you have enjoyed my second gym look book! I am back to uni next week so will be back at it in the gym and I cannot wait. I feel like my fitness has really dropped over summer but a new academic year and I am raring to go! Do any of you go to the gym?

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Abandoned Treasures

Finding locations to create the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot can be hard, but once found can create photographs that only your mind could once imagine! For me I wanted an area that carried a run down, grunge vibe but at the same time one that wasn’t going to draw the eye away from the fashion item itself. I soon found myself lucky when I stumbled across an abandoned hospital! It was just what I had been imagining! It’s amandoned treaures held the key to my look and after snapping plenty of shots, follwed by a bit of editing, I had a photo lookbook, better than anything I could have hoped for!

All this work had been for part of my final uni project. A communication breif wanting a range of images and illustrations for the grament at hand, a previously made white shirt. I had carried out a couple of previous shoots prior to this one; one location in Bristol and the other at a scrap yard (Click the links to see the previous shoots), but it was this shoot that had worked the best and had been what I had been looking for. I went on to using these pohotgrpahs as my final images. Working with them to creat both postfolio pages and digital illustrations, I am happy to say that I can away from the project with a first!

Its important to give yourself credit for the work you produce and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved. This has to be my favourite shoot I have ever completed as well as the best and I am happy to be sharing it with you today!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Field-7Door-8Bars-4Door-9 copyBars-3Field-5Door-7Field-6Bars-5

Gym Look Book – The Black and Pinks

I am a sucker when it comes to cute gym clothes! I just can’t get enough of them! I am always adding new bits and pieces to my collection so I thought that I would finally share that collection with you today! This is the first look book that I have photographed by myself, on myself so please bare with me as the image quality isn’t amazing as I am still experimenting on how to get the best shot!

I find that wearing the right gym clothes can really help to motivate me in the gym. I love putting on the clothes and to be able to do that I have to be going to the gym so it can help make me go more often! Also by having cute outfits I am more confident wearing them out and about when I am planning on going to the gym after whatever I am up to that day, so it becomes a win win situation.

Look 1.

I love the simplicity yet stylish look of this outfit. The leggings have a great fit, giving me both comfort and shape while I work out. I also adore the pattern on them, fun yet not too over the top! The top I have paired with them is a pale pink t-shirt that I tie at the front to give more shape and effect. The sports bra ia my go to sports bra. Although it isn’t underwired like some, it has a decent amount of padding and good coverage, making it the perfect support for me.

(Top and leggings are from New Look, sports bra New balance, Nike trainers and then my wireless Beat headphones)

Gym-2GymVersion 2Gym-7Gym-3


Look 2 .

This new look is an all Primark outfit! Showing you that you don’t have to pay a lot for cute gym clothes! The sports bra and leggings are a matching set and with the detail only at the bottom of the leggings, it means that the two pieces are easy to wear together. I don’t find the sports bra to have the best fit for me, so I tend to only wear it when I know I wont be doing any intense cardio. On top of the set I have thrown on this cropped hoodie and a matching cap!

(Jumper, hat, bra and leggings from Primark, Nike trainers)


Look 3.

My final look features my favourite pair of leggings that I own. These are from Sweaty Betty and are the softest, comfiest pair on leggings I have ever felt. although they are expensive you can easily see the quality that you are paying for! I have had these for around a year and a half now and they are yet to show any signs of wear and tear! Again I have paired them with my grey sports bra and then on top I have put on a lightweight charcoal jacket!

(Jacket from H&M, leggings are Sweaty Betty, Spots bra from New Balance, Nike trainers)



I hope that you have enjoyed having a look at a few of my gym outfits and that you are inspired to give you workout a fashion kick! These are just a few of my workout items, I have a few brighter coloured pieces that I have also done a look book for and will be sharing with you soon!

Dont forget I am doing a Q&A next month so leave your questions below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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A Trip to Bistol

Doing a creative course at university has opened up a whole new range of opportunities for me! I touched on this in my recent post ‘Who am I?’, but I thought I’d share a bit more with you about a trip we took to Bristol. A lot of the work we do is based within the uni or around the city, so when the opportunity arose to travel to do a photo shoot to Bristol, I was excited. I was a great day and gave me the chance to experiment with some photography.  I enlisted the help of Holly, my friend and author of ‘Good Golly Miss Holly‘, to be my model and we worked together, creating some good images ready to be the starting point of our communication module. As the shirt was inspired by transport we picked locations that would fit into this, including car garages and a railway style bridge. I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to create these images and has helped to boost my confidence in photography!

What sort of photography do you like? Let me know below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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