October Bullet Journal

Hey guys!

As the end of the month draws closer it means a new monthly spread in my bullet journal. This month was my first month of using a bullet journal and although I have loved using it to get organised, there were definitly some improvements that I needed to make! The first thing that needed changing was my monthly spread. Origionally i had taken up two double pages with this, havina a larger monthly calander, along with a tracker and then a spending tracker across two pages of its own! I did not need all of this space. For starters I wasn’t using the monthly calander, but I did quite like having it to glance at if i needed to know which day fell when, so I added it to my title page. Much beter use of space. Secondly, I didn’t need to have my spending tracker across two pages. I’ve only used about half a page this month so again I made this a lot smaller, meaning my monthly spread fits onto one double page.

Next up was the weekly spreads. Agaian they had takenup two double pages for each week and I wanted ot change that. I liked having a spaced to writemy lists, but I wasn’t useing all the space, so decided to fit all the days onto one double page, leaving a sections to do my meal plans all in one. I think that these spread are going to work for me a lot better but I will update you all next month to let you know how I get on!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Planning my Bullet Journal

It’s getting to that time of year, the ‘back to school’ period, and although I’m now at uni rather than school, I still love this time of year! I may be slightly early with thinking about going back to uni in September but I loved being organised as far in advance as possible! So to help me this year I’ve decided to merge all my organisation into one and create a bullet journal! I have always wanted to make one but never really had the time it takes to set it up, hence why I have started planning it so early on!

I started with buying the go to bullet journal notebook, a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted paged book in yellow! I loved the colour and thought with it being bright it would be hard to loose! I also stoked up with some Crayola super tips to help make the pages look fun and inspiring!


Once I had my supplies I went about deciding roughly what pages I wanted to include for the year and then each month, before adding post it’s notes into the book to see what would go where.

Finally I went in to do some quick sketched page layouts. I wanted to do this so that I could make the most of the space on my page and to help me work out what would be best for me since this is my first journal.

I have now been working in creating the final pages in the book so will be photographing and posting them soon! Keep a look out for that post in the next few weeks.

Yours Truly,


Emma x

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Note: My weekly Wednesday posts will now be posted at 6.30pm instead of the pervious 6pm due to timing with my job. Thanks.