Gym Look Book – The Black and Pinks

I am a sucker when it comes to cute gym clothes! I just can’t get enough of them! I am always adding new bits and pieces to my collection so I thought that I would finally share that collection with you today! This is the first look book that I have photographed by myself, on myself so please bare with me as the image quality isn’t amazing as I am still experimenting on how to get the best shot!

I find that wearing the right gym clothes can really help to motivate me in the gym. I love putting on the clothes and to be able to do that I have to be going to the gym so it can help make me go more often! Also by having cute outfits I am more confident wearing them out and about when I am planning on going to the gym after whatever I am up to that day, so it becomes a win win situation.

Look 1.

I love the simplicity yet stylish look of this outfit. The leggings have a great fit, giving me both comfort and shape while I work out. I also adore the pattern on them, fun yet not too over the top! The top I have paired with them is a pale pink t-shirt that I tie at the front to give more shape and effect. The sports bra ia my go to sports bra. Although it isn’t underwired like some, it has a decent amount of padding and good coverage, making it the perfect support for me.

(Top and leggings are from New Look, sports bra New balance, Nike trainers and then my wireless Beat headphones)

Gym-2GymVersion 2Gym-7Gym-3


Look 2 .

This new look is an all Primark outfit! Showing you that you don’t have to pay a lot for cute gym clothes! The sports bra and leggings are a matching set and with the detail only at the bottom of the leggings, it means that the two pieces are easy to wear together. I don’t find the sports bra to have the best fit for me, so I tend to only wear it when I know I wont be doing any intense cardio. On top of the set I have thrown on this cropped hoodie and a matching cap!

(Jumper, hat, bra and leggings from Primark, Nike trainers)


Look 3.

My final look features my favourite pair of leggings that I own. These are from Sweaty Betty and are the softest, comfiest pair on leggings I have ever felt. although they are expensive you can easily see the quality that you are paying for! I have had these for around a year and a half now and they are yet to show any signs of wear and tear! Again I have paired them with my grey sports bra and then on top I have put on a lightweight charcoal jacket!

(Jacket from H&M, leggings are Sweaty Betty, Spots bra from New Balance, Nike trainers)



I hope that you have enjoyed having a look at a few of my gym outfits and that you are inspired to give you workout a fashion kick! These are just a few of my workout items, I have a few brighter coloured pieces that I have also done a look book for and will be sharing with you soon!

Dont forget I am doing a Q&A next month so leave your questions below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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A Trip to Bistol

Doing a creative course at university has opened up a whole new range of opportunities for me! I touched on this in my recent post ‘Who am I?’, but I thought I’d share a bit more with you about a trip we took to Bristol. A lot of the work we do is based within the uni or around the city, so when the opportunity arose to travel to do a photo shoot to Bristol, I was excited. I was a great day and gave me the chance to experiment with some photography.  I enlisted the help of Holly, my friend and author of ‘Good Golly Miss Holly‘, to be my model and we worked together, creating some good images ready to be the starting point of our communication module. As the shirt was inspired by transport we picked locations that would fit into this, including car garages and a railway style bridge. I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to create these images and has helped to boost my confidence in photography!

What sort of photography do you like? Let me know below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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An Ikea Idea

A new trend has recently emerged in the mens fashion industry… Ikea bag clothing! I wasn’t sure how  felt about this new trend when I first saw the idea emerge but after my boyfriend asked me to hep him customise a jumper of his own, the trend began to grow on me! Ikea styled jumpers and tops already out them with designer labels on them, can cost a fortune, so after a quick trip to a nearby Ikea store and a stop off at Primark, this jumper only cost approximately £8!

I set about creating the jumper by first measuring out how long the sleeves, before cutting the straps off an Ikea bag. Once I had the straps ready to go, I unpicked a small section on the arm hole to create an opening for the strap to attach into and then did the same down at the cuff. All I needed to do after that was to pin and then sew a line of stitching down each side of the strap… and Voila I had a contemporary mens fashion jumper!

As a new trend it can be scary to fork out on expensive items so I wanted to show to you that it can be easy to experiment and try things at an affordable price! All it takes is a bit of imagination and a few skills! And if you don’t have those skills, then after a bit of googling or reading book that you will soon develop many new skill sets!

What is your opinion on the Ikea trend? Let me know below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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(apologies for the poor image backgrounds. The background on the images was not the best and didn’t do the best job when chaging it to white as I was on the train while doing so!)


A Digital Sketchbook

As a lot of you may know, I recently completed a big deadline, so I thought that I would share with you some of the work that I had to complete from it! The project was part photography and part illustration. I completed a few different photoshoots, one which you may have already seen – Scrap for One, Fashion for Another! A location shoot based around a scrap yard. The other big shoot that I did was based in the ground of an abandoned mental asylum. Spooky! But the perfect backdrop for the story of my project! I will be posting the photos from this shoot very soon so keep a look out for them coming up!

From these photoshoots I then progressed onto creating a series of digital illustrations. I played around with style and layout of these for a while until I came up with my final pieces. I am so happy with the outcomes. Its amazing what you can achieve when you put your heart and sole into your work!

Would love to hear your thought and opinions on my work!

Yours Truly,

Emma xx

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illustration 2 7illustration 2 5illustration 2 4illustration 3.jpgillustration 2 3illustration 2 6

Scrap For One, Fashion For Another

When thinking of a fashion photoshoot location an old scrap yard on the edge of town would normally be far from my mind, but in this case other people’s scarp became the perfect set for me!
After spending my last project creating a transport inspired white shirt, it was time to style and photograph it. I spent a long time thinking through where we be the best location and during my research stumbled on an old scrap yard only a half hour drive away. With the shirt having an industrial feel to it, the laser cutting inspired by tractor tyres and the sonic welding by chains, this soon became clear to be the perfect location!

I recruited in the help of my friend and model Georgie, gathered a few props and was soon ready to go! It was an adventure in itself going up to the scrap yard and along with having an enjoyable day, I returned home with some great shots! I decided that I wanted to work into the photos a bit, so played around with the colour on lightroom, giving them a grungy edge and adding to the overall effect created.

It was a great experience doing my first on location photoshoot and has made my love for photography grow further! On the day we also ventured to an abandoned hospital to take a few more photos, so keep an eye out for that post coming soon!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my work! Are any of you interested in photography?

Yours Truly

Emma x

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A Peak in my Portfolio

Drawing… definitely a skill that I have a love hate relationship with! When I’m in the right frame of mind I can draw for hours, other times I get easily frustrated with my work, causing it go wrong, leading to more frustration and the cycle goes on!

Recently I have been working hard on a body of work, involving Illustration along side photography. I was stumped at the start of my sketchbook; having not drawn in this way for months I didn’t know how or if I could get back into it! So I turned to my previous portfolio for inspiration! Alongside my particle work, I have a range of drawing techniques in here and it’s these I thought I’d share with you today! I hope you enjoy having a peak into my portfolio and I hope I can inspire you to creat your own master pieces!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Primark Nails

Before I write this post I want to do a quick side note apology for the lack of a post last Wednesday! I have been trying to post every Wednesday but due to deadlines piling in at uni I didn’t get a chance to write last weeks! I was pushed to finish one deadline for Wednesday morning before travelling to Bristol for a photoshoot on Thursday!
Due to this I was also not able to do my normal monthly update, so March will have to be combined with April!

I am going away to Wales with my famil for the week on Thursday but will be sceduling a post for next Wendsay and hopefully will be able to follow that up with some photographs from my trip! Anyway back to my weekly post… Primark Nails!

Am I the only girl out ther who cannot stand painting their nails?! The time it takes to sit and litrally watch paint dry… only for it to then chip off a few days later! It has always fustrated me until I found a better alternative! Fake nails! I have never wanted to pay to go and get my nails done professionally. As a student, its not something that really fits into my budget, but after hearing that primark nails are great and cheap and there being a big store just down the road from me I decided to check them out and haven’t looked back since.


There was a large range when I went in and I now have a growing collection! My favourite are these neutral coloured ones in Stone Cold. They are perfect to wear with anything and I found them to stay on for over two weeks! Pretty impressive for only paying £1. They do take a while to apply though. With doing an art subject, I need to be able to use my hands easily for all the pratical tasks, making, sewing ect. and becuase of this i struggle with having long nails, meaning I cut and file each nail once applied. But the extra time taken to do this is definitly worth it for how long they stay on for! Especially, like I said, when I do a lot of pratical work with my hands! Imagine if I wasn’t doing any of this, how long they would stay on for!


I recently added a couple of new styles to my collection. The ‘Rose Gold’ and the ‘Frosted Rose’ nails. I wore the ‘Rose Chrome’ into uni and must have got 3 or 4 compliments that day of people asking where I get my nails done! Only to be greeted with shocked faces when I said they were Pirmark £.150 fake nails! I am ye to try the ‘Rose Chrome’ but am very excited to!


What do you guys like to do with you nails? Paint them? Get them done? I would love to hear all your thoughts!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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