Health Food Haul

Healthy eating has been a must for me recently. As part of my current period try to detox myself and get out of the rut that I have been stuck in, I have decided to add a few new bits and pieces into my diet to help give me that super food boost! At the spa last month I have an amazingly delicious salad, with feta and celery, topped with pine nuts. I’d never tried them before but something about then just really made the salad. So I was egar to buy some to experiment with putting in my own salads. I also got myself a couple of different types of seeds, including sunflower and sesame, again to add into salads and also on top of cereal to just give it that extra health benefit.


I am such a tea and coffee lover, but I am always so awear that it’s not always the best thing for you to drink, especially in the morning and at night; so I decided to explore other alternatives. I looked at a couple of different options of herbal tea and brought a few to try out. The first I grabbed was a bright and fruity morning tea with natural caffeine in it. I have to say after trying it the first time, I wasn’t too keen, but I have been making myself have one every so often and I am beginning to grow on the taste. Next for during the day I got green detox tea, this is something that I have always been a bit reluctant to try because I have never liked the smell, but I have to say that I have been enjoying it! Finally and my favourite out of all the ones that I brought was the nighttime tea. Theres something about it, it may just be physiological because of the name, but either way, it really helps me wind down before bed. The smell is calming, the taste is just a hint but really yummy and being able to have a warm drink that isn’t filling or containing caffine, really helps with settling the stomach. It’s definitly a tea that I would recommend to anyone who struggles with their nighttime routine, as i do.


Last of all for drink wise, I picked up a lemon and lime. This is something that i used to do before and want to get back into the habit of doing, lemon and lime water. It has so many health benefits to drinking it and in a morning its the perfect drink. Researchers say that you shouldn’t have a caffeine drink as your first drink in a morning, as many of us, including myself, do. Water is the best thing to drink. But like many of you will agree, water isn’t the first thing you really want to reach for, so by doing this it really adds something to make the thought more appetising. Finally I picked up a little treat for myself. Something yummy but also healthy, dark chocolate coated rice cakes. This is a treat I have loved for yeas now and when I eat healthily, its one I can eat and not feel guilty afterwards. Defiantly worth trying out if you havent yet! And this is coming from someone who can;’t stand rice cakes on their own!

I would love to hear any health food suggestions from you all! So please leave a comment below.

Yours Truly,

Emma x



I Owe You an Explanation

Hey all my lovelies out there! I know I’ve been off my blogging game for a while now, which is why I thought that I would start off with an explanation to where I have been. If you saw my last post, about a month ago now, you would have been given a taster of what I have been doing for part of my uni coursework. I can tell you one thing for certain… it has pushed my working ability to the limits and beyond! But what I can also tell you, although quite a few ups and downs, I have enjoyed doing the work so much. To give you a bit more of an insight, each week since January, I have been given a new brief, with the deadline in either 5 or 7 days from that date. The briefs have varied and I have worked my way through a whole range of projects, including SunSpell, festival wear, jewelry, print and even journalism. With each different project came a different challenge, and even though it was a tough ride, I reached the end of each project, with an outcome that I was happy to present. I have already shown you one project where I was an award winner and will shortly share another with you soon, of which I was also an award winner! I would love to know if you enjoy seeing my work, so let me know if you would like more posts like that.

It hasn’t been all work though. I recently hit a bit of a rut. My work got handed in about two weeks ago now and from that point I crashed. Although like I said, I had enjoyed the work, the pressure of it all finally got to me and once I no longer had my work to keep my mind busy, I realised that my mental health had been neglected and I had been ignoring everything my body had been trying to tell me. I’m going to try to get a few blog posts out in the new few weeks going into more detail about mental health and self-care and how I’ve spent the last couple of week on the mend. This isn’t something I like to shout about in my life, it’s more something that I address when I am alone, in the comfort of my own space and can put my full focus on myself. Saying that, I have spent quite a bit of time watching inspiration YouTube videos on self-love and I find them to be a huge help, so I thought by spreading my ways of picking myself back up and having a health and lifestyle boost, could maybe help some of you out there.

It’s so important to take the time out of your busy life and give yourself time to recover, listening to what your body needs. This may just be an early night, a long hot bath or a bit of fresh air. But it could also be a bit more than that; such as, a wardrobe declutter, a new morning routine or even a change of diet. So like I said above, I want to share with you all a few things that I have been doing along those line and hopefully can help a few of you out in the process! Keep a look out for those post coming soon!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Winter Lifestyle Essentials

With nights long, dark and cold, winter can feel lonely and miserable! To help myself get through the winter I like to always make sure that I have a few of my essentials around me at all times!

1. A good book!

Anyone else love snuggling up on the sofa with a good book getting lost in a world of their own? I definitely do, I always find it a great way to end a busy day and gives me a break from my everyday life.

2. Fluffy Blank

What goes hand in hand with sitting on the sofa with a good book… a big fluffy blanket! I have been loving this teddy bear blanket from Pirmark. It really helps me get warm and comfortable in the evenings

3. Candle

And something else that fits hand in hand with the first two, a scented candle. Whether you love the atmosphere that they create or the smell, they are perfect to get you into a cosy winter mood.winter essentials-3

4. Hot Chocolate and snacks

Yum! I love a good warming hot chocolate! It makes a great no caffeine alternative to tea or coffee in an evening and is perfect to warm your whole body through! And treat yourself to a little bit extra with, marshmallows, cream and your favourite biscuits!

winter essentials-2winter essentials

5. Beanies and Scarfs

Want to keep warm and still cute? Then invest in a few new cute hats and scarfs this winter! I love coordinating my accessories with my outfits and this is a great way to do this!

winter essentials-6

6. Fluffy Socks

last but never least, I love to wear a good pair of fluffy socks! Whether just around the flat or hidden inside my boots, these are the best way to keep you that little bit warmer!

winter essentials-4

What are your winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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winter essentials-5

Testing New Make up Brushes

I finally did it… I finally treated myself to some new make up brushes! After working full time over summer I wanted to treat myself to something I had been wanting for a while and after spending months looking at different make up brush sets, I decided to go with this 18 piece set from BH cosmetics. The set is affordable and I had read some good reviews about not only the set but also the brand, so took the plunge and placed my order. They arrived the day I was due to leave to go back to uni, just in time! And I couldn’t wait to try them out!

I thought I’d give you all an honest review on my first time using the brushes to let you know what I think. The set itself comes in a brush belt. For me personally I won’t be using the belt but if you are a make up artist this could be really helpful. I decided to do quite a full on make up use in order to use as many of the brushes as possible. Starting with a foundation brush, I applied my daily foundation all over my skin before buffing it in. It felt strange to begin with as I normally reach straight for a sponge for my base but I found myself enjoying using a brush and will definitely keep on using it.


The next two brushes I used were an angled liner brush and a spoolie. Never having owned a spoolie (apart from on the end of pencils) I was super excited for this one and found straight away it made applying make up to my brows a lot easier! I then moved onto my eyes, my favourite part of doing my make up. Before I had only really used two eye make up brushes, so now having a larger choice of what to use I decided to try out a different sort of eye look. Out of all the brushes from the set these are the best. The flat shadow brush, angled shadow brush and blending brush were the ones that gave me the best results! I was a bit disappointed to say that the texture and softness of the brushes weren’t consistent and some felt a bit rough but never the less they still did a good job.


Finally I moved to finishing my face. I started with the angled contour brush and I am sad to say that I am disappointed. Straight away it started shedding and I struggled to blend out my contour with it, the blush brush was the same, shedding straight away and not picking up much product. I am hoping that after a wash and being used a few more times the shedding will stop and I can give them a better try. Although these two were a disappointment, two face brushes I did like was the small contour brush, perfect for around the nose and the large powder brush!


I have included a couple of before and after pictures of the final make up look for you to see how the brushes worked over all. The day I shot these photos my skin was playing up a bit with a couple of break outs but I was happy that I was able to cover them up and get a good overall complexion.


What make up brushes are your go to ones? Would love to hear some suggestions!

Your’s Truly,

Emma x

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September 2017 – Summer has gone

Hey all you lovely people,
So I can confirm that summer is over and the bad weather is here! But you know what that also means… cute jumper, scarfs and boots! But it also means that uni starts back tomorrow and I am terrified. Second year is about to start and its a year of finally deciding what I want to do in the future. I know that I want to do fashion but now I need to start making some more decissions about what part of fashion. Even writing about it scares me a little, so I will get onto the last month. I moved back into my flat for the year, leaving my job, friends and family behind me once again. It was another hard time, but this year I had my boyfriend with my to help with the move, making things a little easier. The last couple of weeks scince being back I have been sorting myself out, experimenting with cooking, organising and then seeing my uni friends. It has been a enjoyable two weeks.

I know my work load is about to increas so I will try my hardesr to keep up my blog posts, but please bare with me if some come late or some are missed.

Yours Truly,

Emma xx

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October Bullet Journal

Hey guys!

As the end of the month draws closer it means a new monthly spread in my bullet journal. This month was my first month of using a bullet journal and although I have loved using it to get organised, there were definitly some improvements that I needed to make! The first thing that needed changing was my monthly spread. Origionally i had taken up two double pages with this, havina a larger monthly calander, along with a tracker and then a spending tracker across two pages of its own! I did not need all of this space. For starters I wasn’t using the monthly calander, but I did quite like having it to glance at if i needed to know which day fell when, so I added it to my title page. Much beter use of space. Secondly, I didn’t need to have my spending tracker across two pages. I’ve only used about half a page this month so again I made this a lot smaller, meaning my monthly spread fits onto one double page.

Next up was the weekly spreads. Agaian they had takenup two double pages for each week and I wanted ot change that. I liked having a spaced to writemy lists, but I wasn’t useing all the space, so decided to fit all the days onto one double page, leaving a sections to do my meal plans all in one. I think that these spread are going to work for me a lot better but I will update you all next month to let you know how I get on!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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A Letter to My Younger Self

Yep that’s me… 15 year old me… I remember that, it was night before I got my braces, I remember being filled with excitement and nervous. I had got bullied for having bad teeth and in my mind getting braces would fix it. Thinking back now I was so young, so determined to fit in, always trying to look better. That was 5 years ago now. Five years may not seem like a long time to some, but when you’re a teenager growing up, life can change within the blink of an eye. You are always changing, discovering yourself, learning, making 5 years feel like a life time. So this is where it starts… I have always wondered what I would say if I could talk to my younger self. Would I myself warn what was to come, would I stay positive, would say anything at all? I pondered over this for weeks now, unsure on whether to even write this post, but with it being on my mind and my blog being a place to express whats on my mind, I can’t not write this…

Dear My Younger Self,

I know you probably don’t want to listen to this. You always were stubborn about taking in advice, but you’ll soon learn that sometimes you need to. Sometimes you need to take a step back and get an opinion off someone you trust. Talking of trust that’s where I’ll start. Don’t be naive! Don’t be blindsighted by the nice things people say to you. It will be hard, but only trust those who you know really do have your back. You’re about to hit a rocky stage. Things will seem hard for a while and you’ll want to talk to someone… you’ll need to talk to someone. But only talk to those the closest to you, the ones that you know deep in your heart you can honestly trust. Being a teenager doesn’t last forever, keep that in mind. Once you hit rock bottom, the only way that you can go is up. Yes,  know that sounds cilche, but I know you always liked your motivational quotes. You’re a lot stronger than you think, but sometimes you have to hunt for that strength. Don’t give up on hunting for it, you’ll find it just when you need it.

You’re final couple of years at school will be hard. People can be horrible sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is. Give it a few years and trust me, you’ll meet some of the best people in your life. Just be patient and don’t let the wait get you down. Remember that idea that you had about doing fashion at college? The one that people laughed at, the one that teachers persuaded you not to do? Yeah you know the one I mean, well make sure you don’t give up on that idea. Going through with it will be the best decision that you have ever made. It will lead you to amazing things.

Oh and one last thing. Just be you! Yes again another cilche and one that you probably don’t believe. But trust me, this is the most important. You may not know who you are yet, you may want to experiment, but always stay true to yourself, no matter what. Don’t let others lead you off in the wrong way, don’t think you should be doing something just because everyone else is. Just do you… just be you!

Love your future self x

What would you say to your younger self if you had the chance? Tag me in your posts or leave a comment down below! It’s amazing how much you learn and how much you wish you knew when you were younger. 15 year old me would have loved some guidance, but I’ve got where I am today and couldn’t be happier.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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