June 2017 – A Lot of Changes

June is over and can I just say… how fast is this year going!

I can’t get over how fast time flys by when your busy! Like always June was a very busy month for me and it had a lot of changes in store. The first big change was me moving! It had got to that time of year where I needed to move out of my uni halls accommodation and I was lucky enough to be able to move straight into my flat for next year! I have been staying here the last month, making the most of the last few weeks of independence before summer and I have fallen in love with this place! Majority of people at uni go into shared houses after staying in halls, but due to some complications I have ended up living by myself. I was worried about it but I love having my own space and knowing how busy I will be with uni next year I think it has worked out for the best. I have been working on a ‘Truth about my first year ar uni’ post where I go into more detail about living situations.

The second major change that I cam across was my boyfriend moving away. After getting a new job he has ended up moving further away from me. It’s a big change for the both of us and it’s still taking some getting used to but we are working hard to still see each other and as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder and I can say that, although its hard, I can see that this saying is true.

I move back home next week for my full-time summer job so got the business of that to come yet! But I also can’t wait for it!

What have you been up to recently?

I am hoping to do a Q&A at some point over the next month, please leave any questions you have below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x




March/April 2017

Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well with my new 50 followers! I would like to thank all my followers for getting me to the 50 mark. It may not seem like many followers to some but as my blog is still fairly new , it is such an achievement for me!

I sadly missed last months update post due to being incredibly busy with deadlines and can say that I miss these more chatty posts! Now where to start on the past few months… I have been stressed to begin with. I had a deadline in March, another in April and a third and final coming up in just under three weeks time. The work load has been high but I have loved staying busy and being creative! My current project is a Communications module, involving illustration and photography! I have had my on and off days with my work but over all I have been loving it and a few photography posts will be coming up soon, so keep a look out for them!

Like many I had an easter break where I went home for a few weeks. During this time I got the chance to take a trip up to Wales with my family. It was a great escape from everyday life but almost left me more stress as I returned home to even more work! This aside, I did have a good time. It was nice to throw on a raincoat and walking boots and just walk for miles and miles. It also gave me the opportunity to capture some great photography shots of the scenery. I am thinking of featuring these photos in a blog post! I did a post about Cornwall a few months back and was thinking of creating another post along these line.

The next few weeks will be busy with working towards my deadline but once this is out the way its my summer break! From June onwards, I am hoping to start blogging more! I currently try to post every Wednesday afternoon and the odd Sunday with my monthly updates! I want to try and up that to every Wednesday and every Sunday and possibly a third time in the week depending on how that goes! So with that in plan I will give you a peak of the posts to come.. There will be some fashion photography, an exciting make up haul featuring newly released products and what I eat on my cheat day (credit to Chelia from Pink for Days for the suggestion)

What have you been up to in the last month and what have you got planned for the upcoming weeks? Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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