August 2017 – Summer days

How is it September already!

The summer has flown by in a blink! But then I guess that’s just what happens when you’re busy! August was such a busy month for me, but I was lucky enough to take 10 days off in the middle, where I got to spend some quality time with friends and my boyfriend. Around working full-time, I haven’t had a lot of time to myself, so knowing I had these 10 days coming up, I was more than excited! I planned in advance how I would spend my time, fitting in a trip to see uni friends, friends from home and then finally spending the last few days with my boyfriend. These days that I spent with him we decided to take a trip into london and then a couple of days later, a trip to Brighton! Both days were amazing! I always love the hustle and bustle in central London. Everywhere you look there is something going on and it’s so easy just to lose yourself in your surroundings. Going to Brighton had to be my favourite day of my time off. Brighton is one of my favourite places. Theres so much to do, from shopping in the centre, to sitting on the beach. Collection vintage keepsakes from the lanes, to eating donuts on the pier! You just can’t be bored! The trip was eventful too with prying seagulls eyeing up our donuts, we tried to keep the hidden, but within moments of taking the first bite… a gigantic seagull landed straight on Chris’ head! It scared the life out of me, but I can say that moment wont be forgotten easily!

As summer draws to an end I am finishing my last week off at work before heading back to uni on the 16th of September. The time has disappeared before my eyes and I can’t help but feel sad that I have not been able to do as much in the time that I had; but that was my choice. I knew working full-time would take it out of me, but being a student, I was keen to earn as much as I could for the upcoming year.

Have you guys started back at school, uni or work? Let me know what you are up to in the comments below!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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July 2017 – 100 Followers!

Hey guys,

It’s that time of the month again where I fill you in with a monthly update and what a month it’s been! Sorry its a few days late but it’s here now! I have hit the 100 followers mark! And not only for my blog but my Instagram too! If you haven’t seen my feed check it out here! I want to say a big thank you to you all for the support you have given me over the past 7 months! All the support has made me not give up on blogging. There have been times where the amount of posts have dropped and there has been a lack of content, but knowing you are all out there reading my words and letting me express myself has kept me going! So thank you again!


Outside of my blog, I have been back at home for about a month now and I have started my fourth week of work. It has been crazy busy and I did struggle with the first few weeks. I was so out of routine that being thrown back into 6 days of work a week tired me out, leaving me drained and grumpy. Three and a bit weeks on and I am back into the swing of things. I love staying busy and learning new things each and everyday.


With two months left of summer, I am looking forward to my week off very soon where I hope to be spending some quality time with some of my friends from uni, as well as hopefully having a few days away with my boyfriend! The summer is flying by and I know that I’ll soon blink and it will be that back to uni time. Although I am struggling to fit my blog in around my full-time job at the moment, I am trying my hardest to make it work and hope that I can stay onto of my weekly posts for you all!

What have you been up to over the summer break? Would love to hear from you all!

Yours Truly,


Emma x

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