I don’t get the chance to travel very often but when I do, I seize the opportunity and the memories I make are amazing. This Christmas I was able to take a holiday to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and it was one of the best experiences travelling that I have ever had. This was my first oppurtunity to take a trip away without my family or uni. Instead it was just me and my boyfriend, doing our thing, our way. It was only a short trip, 4 days in total, but with filled the days with sightseeing, museum visits and just taking the life surrounding us. As always, I took my camera with me along the way to help capture my time away.

Amsterdam is somewhere that I have always wanted to go to and I was not disappointed. The streets were cute and unique, a maze of canals leading us around. The museums lived up to a high standard with so much to see and the local boat tour we went on was great fun and a chance to see the winter light display. We couldn’t take a trip to Amsterdam without venturing into the red light district either and I have to say that was an experience in itself, but as intriguing as it was to see how something like that is part of the locals everyday life, I was happy when we got back to the hotel that evening! For those who don’t know about the red light district, I’m gonna say to look it up rather than me to try to explain it in a blog appropriate way!

I love sharing my travelling photos with you all, so that’s whats I am doing today! I hope you enjoy looking through them and I would love to hear where your favourite holiday destinations are? It might give me some inspiration for my next trip!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey country park, the perfect place to spend a sunny sunday afternoon. Whether you’re going for an event at the hotel, a wander around the park or just to sit in the sun, soaking in the atmosphere, Coombe Abbey is the place.

I recently took a trip here with my boyfriend to make the most of the beautiful weather and it ended up being an amazing day! The country park is the home to a beautiful hotel manor house and on the day in which we visited, a wedding was taking place. It gave the park a great atmosphere, hearing the wedding party celebrating the happy day, sun shining, birds tweeting, what more could you want!

Coombe Abby_-9Coombe Abby_-8Coombe Abby_-20

After sitting in the sun for a while, we decided to take a walk round the grounds and through the woodland! It was such a nice feeling to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in the quiet, peaceful woodland area. It gave me a chance to escape from reality for just a few moments! But one thing that I couldn’t escape was the ain that my feet were in! I had made the mistake of wearing cute, but very impractical shoes! I had chosen to wear a cute floral summer dress from zara and had stupidly paired it with some heeled sandals from Bershka. These may be my favourite sandals, but I can tell you now that they are not designed for walking around woodlands in!

Coombe Abby_-19Coombe Abby_-17Coombe Abby_-14Coombe Abby_-13Coombe Abby_-16Coombe Abby_-12Coombe Abby_-10Coombe Abby_-7Coombe Abby_Coombe Abby_-5Coombe Abby_-4Coombe Abby_-11

After our walk round, we realised just how late it had got and with tummys rumbling we made a bee line for the ice cream van, treating ourselves to a large whippy ice cream each! It was the perfect way to end a perfect Sunday afternoon and I hope to go back to Coombe Abbey again soon!

What do you like to get up to on a Sunday?

Your’s Truly,

Emma x

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Coombe Abby_-18Coombe Abby_-15

A Welsh Hidden Gem

For many Wales is over looked as a holiday spot. It can be dull, cold and rainy… but it’s also the home to some of the natures most beautiful sights; true hidden gems you shouldn’t miss out on. I recently took a trip down to North Wales where we stayed near to Anglesey. It was refreshing to take a week far away from the city; the fresh air giving my mind a true chance to breathe, letting my thoughts relax and focus. While staying in Anglesey I took a trip down to the beach. Camera in hand, raincoat pulled tight around me and walking boots laced up, I ventured onto the vast stretch of sand before me; each step, denting the sand, leaving my presence behind.


I soon found myself engulfed in my surroundings and I began to take in and appreciate the beauty of the nature. Feeling pleased to have brought my camera, I began to capture some of the sights around me and soon found myself discovering the gifts the beach had to offer. All around me on the sand were the products of nature, each in their own form, each showing their own beauty. Two things we were lucky enough to discover were a baby shark skeleton; tail intact, bones curved as if it had been stopped mind stroke. The other was a bright electric blue jellyfish, sitting at the water’s edge, unknown to many.


As we reached the end of the beach we wandered onto the island. Access cut off at high  tide, the island no long houses residents but still holds true to its beauty with coves, rock pools and a little light house standing strong. We ventured around the island, stopping to take a snap of a posing seagull before clambering down the rocks to one of the coves where we skimmed flat, smooth stones across the water surface.

It was a memorable walk that day. Walking and being around nature remind you about just how beautiful our world can be. Being able to spend time like this outside amongst nature in the crisp air gave me the break I needed from my everyday life and left me returning filled with a new bust of inspiration!

Yours Truly

Emma x

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Paris – Sightseeing

Its been nearly a week since returning from Paris and  crazy busy week it has been with having to submit for a one deadline yesterday and having another once coming up on Friday, this is the first chance I have had to sit down with my laptop and write. Sorry to have kept you all waiting but here is my Paris sightseeing blog!

Day One 
After arriving in Paris late on the Sunday evening, our first day started bright and early on Monday morning and after spending the morning visiting the Pierre Cardin Museum (post to come soon) and helping the third years with fabric shopping we able to spend the afternoon sightseeing. With being at the fabric shops, it meant that we were also next to the Sacre Coeur so we walked up the steps and into the cathedral! As mentioned before in the Berliner Dom post, I love cathedrals and this one was no exception!


Day Two
Tuesday was our main sightseeing day where we got to visit two of the most know places in Paris – The Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Our first stop was the Arc De Triomphe, positioned in the middle of the worlds most dangerous roundabout! (fun fact – or not so fun an accidents happens around every 8 minutes!) We were able to right up to the top of the Arc where we over looked a slighty foggy Paris but was still able to make ut the Eiffel Tower where we went to next. As we approached the tower the sun broke through and we were greated by a bright blue sky! Perfect for taking the sneaky selfie as well as the typical holding up the Eiffel Tower picture! We walked the 669 steps up the second level before jumping in the lift the rest of the way up! It was a view that was definitely worth viewing!


Day Three
Wednesday was a final full day in the City of Love so where better to go that the lock bridge. Although the locks have been taken off the original bridge people have begun to put them up on the bridge next to it and we saw the cute sight of a couple putting a lock up of their own! Across the bridge was the Louvre museum where we got the see the famous Mona Lisa!


I was so sad to leave Paris as there was so much more that I also wanted to see but I can say that it is another place I will be back to see!

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Berlin – Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom – The Berlin Cathedral, home to history, religion and beauty. Built between 1894 and 1905 the Dom is located on museum island, in the center of the river Spree. Despite its name, the ‘cathedral’ with not being the seat of a Bishop is not a cathedral but the largest church in Berlin, attracting tourists from all over to view its breath-taking beauty, both outside and within its walls.

Entering the Berliner Dom took my breath away and I was filled with stunning sights of ornate gold decoration and warm stained glass windows. I wondered around the cathedral slowly letting it take the breath out of me before reaching a metal tree where I lit a candle in memory of my Grandad, who had loved and traveled to Germany many times.


After admiring the Dom’s interiors we proceed on to climbing the 270 steps to the ver top of the cathedral where we were greeted by an evening view over the city. Dusk had began to set and we could see lights twinkling out in front of us for miles, stretching as far as the eye could see. I remember the feeling as the cold breeze sent shivers down my spin and a magical feel washed over me. Standing at the top of the cathedral looking over the great city really was an experience that I will never forget.


I hope that one day I will be able to visit the Berliner Dom again! 

Also want to say a bit thank you to all my followers on Bloglovin’! I have reach the 200 mark and can’t believe that support I’ve had and what I’ve accomplished. Thank you all!

Yours Truly,

Emma x


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Berlin – Graffiti

Graffiti, when done right this can be one of the best way for someone to express themselves. With unique interesting designs, vibrant colours and layered imagry graffiti can take you into the depths of an artists mind. While wondering around in centeral Berlin we came across a lot of graffiti spots with this one definatly being my favourite and a prime loaction for me to take some art based photos! The images painted on the walls really aded character to the narroe side street and made me want to wonder deeper and deeper down it to see what else I could discover!

Let me know what you think!

Yours Truly,

Emma x




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Berlin – Premium Fashion Week

Berlin in January, a hub of activity for the fashion industry with trade shows and events popping up all over the city. Bloggers, freelance designers and buying from all over travel into the city to become a part of the bustling fashion week.

When first signing up for my Berlin trip I made sure to look into the different events that were on and signed into the Premium events as a blogger. I was nervous at first with this being the first big fashion event that I have ever attended but as soon as my ticket came through a wave of excitement washed over me!

We visited the premium events across two days, making sure we allowed time to visit and discover what was at each one. Tuesday was the first day of fashion week so we visited the main attraction – Premium event. It was here where a range of contemporary designers showcased their new collections ready for going into the shops Spring/Summer this year. This was an amazing event yet slightly over powering, never the less I had a great experience.




After Premium we were able to catch a shuttle bus to where Show and Order was being held. This is probably the smallest out of the events and had a more of a secluded feminine atmosphere. It was calmer here with less to view, but I really enjoyed seeing the more elegant styles that designers produce.




The following day, Wednesday we spent the whole day at the final two shows. The first was Ethical and Green showroom, which I can happily say was my favourite out of all the events we visited. Each brand had a unique story to tell and I soon found myself absorbed in conversations with designer and makers from the brands, my mind spinning with the experiences that they were telling me about! I also loved where this event was based with it being in contemporary warehouse yet still keeping a clear ethical theme. Spending even just a few hours here has really inspired me to be more ethical with the way that I work and has open up a whole new range of ideas and opportunities.




Finally was the Bright and Seek show, a more urban edgy scene. Here graffiti was being painted live, while displays showed off skate and street styles. I was intrigued by a couple of stands including the DJinns and Hype as both brands I had spent time researching into during my summer internship. I was sad leaving as this was the last Premium event that we has to visit but I still had Panorama the next day to visit (to be featured in another blog post soon!) so there was still that bit of excitement in me!


I hope that my trips to Berlin week have inspired you as much as they have inspired me! I would love to know which cities fashion weeks you would like to visit? Let me know it the comments below.

Yours Truly,

Emma x