Sunspel Project Work

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to take part in an amazing brief at uni. Design, pattern cutting, creation and all from an industry expert!

As many of you may know I am currently a second year university student studying fashion, which is also why my blog has been lacking content the last few months. Part of this semesters module was to complete a different live industry brief each week and it has definitely done a good job of keeping me busy! I’ve done all sorts of briefs in the last few months, from jewellery, to sportswear to colour theory, but my SunSpel project has to the one I am most proud of. For those who may not have heard of the brand, they are a UK based brand who design and make everything from the English home city, Nottingham. The began as menswear before branching out into women’s and are know for their loungewear, especially their signature t-shirts. Their polo shirts are even worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond films!

Our uni was lucky enough to get in contact with the head designer over at SunSpel who came into our Monday morning lecture to release a brief for us! After giving us a talk through the week project we were then lucky enough to take part in a hands on workshop, talking through our initial ideas with the designer himself. To give a quick summery of the brief we had to do a zero waste project. We had three different routes we could go down; zero waste pattern cutting, reducing the waste of a current SunSpel pattern or use of fabric scraps. I decided to go down the route of creating something for SunSpel and reducing the waste left over from making a t-shirt. Using the scraps of fabric I created a ball of fabric yarn which I used to make a weaving detail down the sides. The following Monday I had to present the design and here out my final outcomes.

Sun Spel_Page_1Sun Spel_Page_2Sun Spel_Page_3

A couple of days after our presentations we heard back the news that the designer had decided to choose a winner for the brief. I opened up the email to see me name at the top with the award ‘most innovative project’ and I couldn’t be more over the moon!

I wanted to share this all with you to show how putting in the effort really pays off. I always find I’m the one who try’s and try’s and works my socks off only to miss out on the top awards, but I never give up and now here I am! I have an amazing award given directly from an industry expert, something that will help me forward in my career. So remember to never give up.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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September 2017 – Summer has gone

Hey all you lovely people,
So I can confirm that summer is over and the bad weather is here! But you know what that also means… cute jumper, scarfs and boots! But it also means that uni starts back tomorrow and I am terrified. Second year is about to start and its a year of finally deciding what I want to do in the future. I know that I want to do fashion but now I need to start making some more decissions about what part of fashion. Even writing about it scares me a little, so I will get onto the last month. I moved back into my flat for the year, leaving my job, friends and family behind me once again. It was another hard time, but this year I had my boyfriend with my to help with the move, making things a little easier. The last couple of weeks scince being back I have been sorting myself out, experimenting with cooking, organising and then seeing my uni friends. It has been a enjoyable two weeks.

I know my work load is about to increas so I will try my hardesr to keep up my blog posts, but please bare with me if some come late or some are missed.

Yours Truly,

Emma xx

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The Truth Behind My First Year at Uni – Friendships

This post has been a long time coming… I have mentioned it multiple times to you all now before, but it was a lot harder to write than what I anticipated. There have been so many times where I have sat down and just not known where to begin. I have written and rewritten paragraph after paragraph, not sure if what I was writing was really the truth, bit I have finally finished and am ready to share it with you all. I have decided to split my story into a few difference parts so that my posts aren’t too long and waffly! So keep a look out for them all.

This is probably the most personal thing I have posted on my blog to date, but I want my blog to stay real and truly be about me and to do that I want to share with you the ups and downs of my life. So here goes…

University… a place where great things happen, where you change as a person, where you always enjoy yourself… A place where you meet the most amazing people, best friends, boyfriends… A place full of happiness, hopes and dreams. For me that place doesn’t exist. I’m not saying that uni isn’t great and these things don’t happen, it just isn’t quite as simple as that. Before I started I had been blinded by an unrealistic expectation of what uni would be like but these quickly shattered after a week of being there! I’ll start with the story of how my freshers week went. In my mind I planned to move in and instantly make friends with my flatmates. I then thought I would be out socialising every night and trying out for lots of societies during the day, but its didn’t quite pan out that way.

Moving into halls began well. I got my room set up perfectly and I felt at home in there quite quickly. Even the first night went well. We went to the club across the road and it was good fun, it was the next time that we went out, the Monday night, that didn’t quite go to plan. If you are interested on my freshers stories then let me know and I will do a specific post for it! If I write it all now we could be here for days. So I will keep it brief; I made the mistake of trusting people too quickly and thinking that just because we were at uni everyone would be friends with everyone. But in my mind this quickly changed and it wasn’t the last time my true friends were slit from the fake ones. That’s what part one of this story will focus on, Friendships.

It was after that night at freshers that I knew I was in for an eventful year! I knew that sharing a flat with 9 other girls would be hard but it was nothing like I imagined! Being in an all girl environment meant that emotions were constantly running high and at times I found it hard. At home I was used to being able to get away from the drama one I was in the comfort of my house, but it was the place I was living that held the drama. There were fall outs and arguments and changing friendships all the time and although I tried to distance myself with the drama, there were occasions that I found myself stuck right in the middle. I was stressed, down and lost. At times I felt like I had hit rock bottom with my emotions and I wanted to do anything to leave that place. I had got caught up in so much friendship dramas that the good times in my mind were taken over by the bad. It’s only now that I have left halls that I can really appreciate the good times that I had and my real friends who helped me through the worst of it. I know what I have just written may make halls seems like a horrible scary place to some, but for many of you that have been to uni, I feel like you will understand the ups and downs, but also the fact that looking back a few months on, I wouldn’t have changed anything. If it wasn’t for living in halls then I wouldn’t have met the girls that I call my best friends today and even if I had met them, there wouldn’t have been the tough times that have made us grow closer. I thought I would make bestfriends as soon as I started uni, but now I understand that it takes time for the real friendships to develop; friendships that are invaluable. Friendships that will last a life time.

It wasn’t just uni halls where friendships grew but on my course too. Again I was in an all girl environment, but here I was lucky enough to click with some of the girls more easily. Unlike halls, it was easier to see who I would get along with, and not being forced to spend all our time together meant that there were a lot less personality clashes. I was lucky to quickly develop good connections with my coursemates. Being on the same course, we share the same interests and goals, as well as understanding each others stress! Like the rest of my friendships it took some time to see who were my closest friends but again I am happy it worked out this way. I now have a coursemate who is also a best friend!

So it is right when people say you will make your best friends when you go to uni! You just have to remember that not everyone is going to be your best friend, something I was naive enough to believe at the start. For some people, they end up with big groups of uni friends and for a long time I wished that this was the case for me. For others, they end up with best friends instantly and never argue. But as you can see things panned out a little differently for me. It took me a while to accept that I wasn’t one of those lucky people and I spent months wishing that things had been different for me. But now, being back at home for summer, I have grown to see that although my unrealistic idea of friendships was shattered so early on, I would not change it for the world! I many only have a handful of close friends at uni and it may have taken a while to get to this stage, but I love them all dearly and couldn’t ask for more! I know they will be there for me through thick and thin and I am excited for more years of sharing memories.

Yours Truly,

Emma x

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Uni Halls! Room Tour!

As some of you may know, I am currently a university student! It’s not something I have talked about much but as my first year has now drawn to a close I decided that I would do a room tour before leaving my uni student halls. I was lucky to end up in a brand new accommodation block that had opened this year! And being the creative that I am went all out on my decor! For a student I think I may have gone a tad over the top, but for me being away from my family home I wanted a space that I felt comfortable in and could call home. After spending hours searching through Pinterest, I decided on a yellow and grey colour scheme. I thought by having lights colours it would make my room appear lighter and more spacious, while yellow also brings joy and happiness to an environment!

I’ll start at the entrance to my room, Room G! as you walk into my room you face a large window that lets a lot of light into my room, perfect for working! Too the left of that is my bed, my favourite part of my room! As I knew I would be spending a lot of time in my room I wanted to make my bed as comfy and mulipurposful as possible. I found this yellow throw in TKmax, the first addition to my room and what the rest of my decor evolved around. Under the throw is my duvet and some cheap white primark bedding. I wanted to keep this hidden under to stay clean and so that my friends wouldn’t be sat straight on it when they came over. I then added a ray of cushions, along with a bunny hot water bottle and a couple of soft toys, creating a comfy area to sit.


At the end of my bed is a small draw cabinet where I keep jumpers in the bottom draw and then just random bits and pieces in the top draw because who can live without a ‘random crap’ draw! On top of the cabinate I have a picture frame on display with my favourite ever picture of me and my mum, along with an ornament I found in a charity shop, a coaster, notebooks and of course my room key card! Moving on down to the side of the draws I have a few boxes stacked up and filled with underwear and then one with any cleaning products that I may need! Finally in this area I keep my uni and gym bag on the wall hooks.


Next over to my shelves, which I had the most fun in filling. I brought a lot of my fashion books to uni with me and this is where I store them all, along with recipe folders, ornaments and photos of my friends and family!


By my window I have my mannequin; an essential part of my fashion career. She is normally covered in clothes or projects, which I would struggle to do without a manniquin. To the right of the window is a little area where my desk is. Although I use it more as a dressing table! Either side of the desk are two notice boards, covered in photographs and a cute teddy bear calender! On the right of my desk I have all my make up storage. I got these acrylic draws off amazon and my make up fits into them perfectly.  Next to the draws I have two painted cans from tiger where I keep make up and my brushes. Finally in this ares, next to my desk I have some storage draws filled with art supplies and my trusty sewing machine, something else I can’t live without!


The final area left of my room to share with you is my wardrobe. It may be small but with multiple shelves and two rails I have made do although lots of clothes still end up hanging on my hooks on the outside! I am lucky enough to have a full length mirror in my room and underneath it I store all of my shoes!


So that’s it; my slightly over the top uni room! I hope you enjoyed seeing what my room at my uni halls looks like! What do your bedrooms look like?

I am thinking of posting an honest view on my first year at uni? Is this something you would like to see? let me know below.

Yours Turley,

Emma x

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